Who won their classes on Saturday morning at Raceway Park’s Youth Series? Here is the top of the class from Saturday, July 14, 2018.

50cc 4-6 Yrs Bike: 1. Owen Powers (Cob)

Owen Powers

50cc 4-6 Yrs Oil /Shift Bike: 1. Leland Jones (Ktm)

Leland Jones

50cc 4-8 Yrs Open Bike: 1. Rocco Restel (Cob)

Rocco Restel

50cc 7-8 Yrs Bike: 1. Ian Cabal (Hus)

Ian Cabal

50cc 7-8 Yrs Oil /Shift Bike: 1. Dylan Sorrentino (Ktm)

Dylan Sorrentino

65cc 10-11 Yrs Bike: 1. Luis Objio (Ktm)

Luis Objio

65cc 7-9 Yrs Bike: 1. Grant Getz (Ktm)

Grant Getz

70cc 6-11 Yrs QUAD: 1. Dylan Wheeler (Oth)

Dylan Wheeler

85cc 12-15  Bike & Jr. Mini 65/85cc 9-13 Yrs: 1. Brandon Nolan (Ktm)

Brandon Nolan

85cc 9-11 Yrs Bike: 1. Joel Peralta (Hus)

Joel Peralta

90cc 8-15 Yrs Quad: 1. Jenna Macdonald (Oth)

Jenna MacDonald

Super Mini 12-16 Yrs Bike: 1. Jack Baldwin (Kaw)

Jack Baldwin

Youth Open 12-15yrs Quad: 1. Todd Kasper (Yam)

Todd Kasper