From Cycle News Online:

Harper Handles the Heat

ENGLISHTOWN, NJ – With another typical New Jersey summer upon us, the Ultimate Motocross Series made its second stop at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park. With temperatures in the mid-90s and humidity nearly as high, conditions were better for a day at the beach than a day at the track. Eight of the best tracks in the Northeast have teamed up with sponsors such as RRP, MSR, Answer and Pro-Taper to create one of the largest series in years. This 16-round series visits each track twice and offers more than $20,000 in cash and prizes.

KPS/Dragon Optical-sponsored Suzuki rider Jason Harper (770) took home the lion’s share of the prize money. Harper won every moto he entered on his way to three overall victories, in the 125cc, 250cc and Over 25 Expert classes. Harper’s victories didn’t come easily, as RRP-sponsored Dave Ginolfi and Onorino Fascelci kept him in sight. The heat and dusty track conditions proved to be no match for Harper, who collected the winner’s gold.

The Over 30 Amateur class proved to be one of the most exciting classes of the day. Michael Yonkowski put his CRF450 out in front of this ultracompetitive class. Doing battle behind Yonkowski were fellow Honda riders Alex Listash and Jay Kusmider, and one of the few two-stroke riders out there, Kawasaki-mounted Mark Loniewski. Kusmider eventually got around Listash and Loniewski, but it was too late, as Yonkowski was already gone. Kusmider had to settle for second, with Listash in third and Loniewski in fourth.

Kusmider jumped out in front in the second moto, followed again by Loniewski, Steven Scheckler and Alex Listash. Yonkowski was mired midpack, trying to make up time on the field. Loniewski and Kusmider battled for the lead, with Loniewski eventually getting by the early leader. Biding his time and riding an excellent race despite the high heat was Listash, who got by Kusmider and then Loniewski. Listash went on to take the moto and overall win, followed by Loniewski and Kusmider. Loniewski ended the day in third overall, and Kusmider was second overall. First-moto winner Yonkowski eventually finished sixth in the second moto for fourth overall.


65 (7-9): 1. Anthony Maimone (Kaw), 2. Brian Laul Jr. (KTM), 3. Tyler Betsch (Kaw), 4. Damian Thompson (Suz); 5. Tom Journet (KTM).

65 (10-11): 1. Max Gomez (Kaw); 2. Richie Trevelise (Suz).

85 (10-11): 1. Damian Krause (Yam); 2. Matthew Gahrmann (Suz); 3. Kyle Emerson (Kaw); 4. Richard Kastle (Kaw); 5. Max Gomez (Kaw).

85 (12-13): 1. Sal Calamita (Yam); 2. Michael Sowa (Suz); 3. Talon Di Stefano (Suz); 4. Christopher Duymich (Hon); 5. Austin Harvey (Kaw).

85 (14-15): 1. Dakota Kessler (Hon); 2. Martin Schuyler (Suz); 3. Billy Allen Jr. (Suz); 4. Ross MacKay (Kaw); 5. Charles Saporito (Hon).

JR MINI: 1. Damian Krause (Yam); 2. Richard Kastle (Kaw); 3. Anthony Maimone.

S/MINI: 1. Dakota Kessler (Hon); 2. Sal Calamita (Yam); 3. Michael Sowa (Suz); 4. Billy Allen Jr. (Suz); 5. Christopher Duymich (Hon).

125 NOV: 1. Brian MacKay (Hon); 2. Marty Gutowski (Hon); 3. William Francisco (Yam); 4. Bryan Weimer (Yam); 5. Daniel Fodor (Suz).

125 AM: 1. Robert Garthe (Hon); 2. Ryan Gainey (Hon); 3. Taylor Murphy (Suz); 4. Dakota Kessler (Hon); 5. Peter Devlin (Suz).

125 EX: 1. Jason Harper (Suz); 2. Ronnie Stewart (Hon); 3. Dave Ginolfi (Hon); 4. Jim McIlvaine (Hon); 5. Bobby Jiminez (Kaw).

250 NOV: 1. Gregory Ziola (Suz); 2. Ross MacKay (Hon); 3. Christopher Peterson (Hon); 4. William Francisco (Yam); 5. Gregory Jaromczyk (Yam).

250 AM: 1. Mike Tippin (Suz); 2. Derek Zydalis (Hon); 3. Jonathan Bronne (Hon); 4. Robert Malkiewicz (Suz); 5. Brian Cierillo (Suz).

250 EX: 1. Jason Harper (Suz); 2. Dave Ginolfi (Hon); 3. Onorino Fasceli (Hon); 4. Ronnie Stewart (Hon); 5. Thomas Wonski (Yam).

WMN: 1. Michelle Kastle (Hon); 2. Rene Kotopoulis (Hon); 3. Jennifer Singleton (Yam); 4. Tammy Longacre (Hon).

SCHBY: 1. Ryan Gainey (Hon); 2. Will Heckstede (Yam); 3. Eric Land (Yam); 4. Kyle Knapp (Hon); 5. Bryan Weimer (Yam).

CLGBY: 1. Robert Garthe (Hon); 2. Robert Malkiewicz (Suz); 3. Zachary Erb (Yam); 4. Derek Zydalis (Hon); 5. Peter Devlin (Suz).

25+ AM: 1. Patrick Doyle (Yam); 2. Chris Pepe (Yam); 3. David Ammendola (Hon); 4. Michael Yonkowski (Hon); 5. Kevin Curtis (Suz).

25+ EX: 1. Jason Harper (Suz); 2. Onorino Fasceli (Hon); 3. James McIlvaine (Hon); 4. Jerry Seip (Hon); 5. Robert Quinn (Hon).

30+ NOV: 1. David Ammendola (Hon); 2. Sean Gillies (Hon); 3. Mike Biondo (Hon); 4. Alfred Batelli (Hon); 5. Hans Palmblad (Yam).

30+ AM: 1. Alex Listash (Hon); 2. Jay Kusmider (Hon); 3. Mark Loniewski (Kaw); 4. Michael Yonkowski (Hon); 5. Steven Scheckler (Hon).

30+ EX: 1. Jim McIlvaine (Hon); 2. Jerry Seip (Hon); 3. Robert Quinn (Hon); 4. Pablo Toribo (Hon); 5. Wayne Powers (Yam).

40+ AM: 1. John Stewart (Hon); 2. Albert Perzan ( Hon); 3. Ted Howell (Hon); 4. Steve Lewis (Suz); 5. Scott Sampson (Hon).

40+ EX: 1. Jerry Seip (Hon); 2. Larry Harper (Suz); 3. Marc Tiesler (Hon); 4. Henry Knabe (Hon); 5. Ken Bordzuk (Hon).