From Cycle News online:

Roth Tops at Trapani Series

ENGLISHTOWN, NJ – When local Xtreme dealer George Trapani was looking for a way to expand his ever-growing business, he contacted Raceway Park with an idea for a multiple-race pit-bike series held the night before regular events at the track. When the series started in April, little did he know what a success it would be? The fourth round of the five-race series hosted 163 riders, and all in attendance were treated to the excellent racing action.

With only one round left, the points standings narrowed in virtually every class. In the 50cc Stock (7-15) class, Honda riders Christopher Duymich and Cody Kessler ended the night tied for the lead, with Rowland Papp closing to within two points of the lead duo by virtue of his overall victory.

One of the most competitive classes of the series has been the Adult 50cc Stock class. Trapani Racing-sponsored riders Jeff Roma and Joel Dengler went one-two in both motos. Roma’s excellent night, combined with points leader Ben Firestone’s bike problems, has now created three-way points tie with Barry Goodwin. Joel Dengler is just one point out and looking to take advantage of any mistake by the top trio.

This event’s premier class had so many entries that qualifiers were actually required to narrow the field. Nils Tribus was the top rider in the first qualifier, and class points leader Tony Roth topped the second. The excellent action set the stage for an exciting main event, with the top seven riders all within a straightaway of each other for nearly the entire moto. Roth proved himself to be the best on this night, holding on for the moto and overall wins, followed by Tribus and Scott Sayers.

The fifth and final round of this series should prove to be an excellent event. It will be held the Friday night before the 29th annual Kawasaki Race of Champions under the lights, and rumor has it there may be some special guest riders in the field to mix up the points.


7-15 STK+: 1. Rowland Papp (Hon); 2. Bryan Weimer (Yam); 3. Christopher Duymich (Hon); 4. Casey Yaworski (Hon); 5. Wyatt Thompson (Hon).

7-15 MOD: 1. Bryan Wallace; 2. Rowland Papp (Hon); 3. Alex Maldet (Hon); 4. Charles Sherby Jr. (Hon); 5. Dakota Kessler (Hon).

16+ STK+: 1. Jeff Roma (Hon); 2. Joel Dengler (Hon); 3. Barry Goodwin (Hon); 4. John Burlew (Hon); 5. Wilhelm Kienhofer (Hon).

16+ MOD: 1. Tony Roth (Hon); 2. Nils Tribus; 3. Scott Sayers (Kaw); 4. Dan Wilson (Hon); 5. Sean Gaughan (Hon).

7-15 70-150: 1. Frank Lettieri (Suz); 2. Rowland Papp (Kaw); 3. Gregory Lehto (Suz); 4. Mic Sowa (Suz); 5. Dakota Kessler (Hon).

16+ 70-150: 1. Joel Dengler (Hon); 2. Tony Lee (Hon); 3. Danny Lee (Hon); 4. Nils Tribus; 5. Ty Wallace (Hon).

YTH (7-15) 50 DFC: 1. Bryan Wallace; 2. Alex Maldet (Kaw); 3. Bobby Vogel (Suz); 4. Bryan Weimer (Yam); 5. Christopher Duymich (Hon).

YTH (7-15) 70-150 DFC: 1. Dakota Kessler (Hon); 2. Frank Lettieri (Suz); 3. Rowland Papp (Kaw); 4. Mic Sowa (Suz); 5. Alex Maldet (Kaw).

16+ 50 DFC: 1. Tony Roth (Hon); 2. Ken Roma (Hon); 3. Dan Wilson (Hon); 4. Scott Sayers (Kaw); 5. Jeff Roma (Hon).

16+ 70-150 DFC: 1. Joel Dengler (Hon); 2. David Farmer; 3. Ty Wallace (Hon); 4. Danny Lee (Hon); 5. Tony Lee (Hon).