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Breaking the Stigma: Road 2 Recovery’s Monthly Mental Health Zoom Series – Brandon Hartranft

November Session In this essential episode of Road 2 Recovery’s “Breaking the Stigma,” we welcome Brandon Harnraft, as he shares his journey “From Crash to Clarity: Navigating the Aftermath.” Known for his fearless racing style and genuine spirit off the track, Brandon has become a role model within the motocross community. His talk will explore the emotional and mental challenges that arise after a life-altering event, emphasizing the importance of resilience, family support, and understanding.

Date of Session: November 7th, 2023 Time: 4 pm PST

The “Breaking the Stigma” series is committed to shattering the silence and stigma surrounding mental health, providing a platform for open dialogue, and offering actionable strategies to navigate life’s challenges.

Coming Up: Be sure to mark your calendars for next month’s edition with guest speaker Dean Dyess, scheduled for December, 5th. For more details, registrations, and upcoming sessions, visit