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The news was grim back in March when Jason Weigandt called Brandon Hartranft for an update. In the 2023 pre-season, Hartranft’s engine cut out in a rhythm lane, and he went down hard. He was lucky to escape without getting paralyzed, but the road back to normal life was still extremely painful and frustrating. From major concussion problems to nerve damage and fused bones in his back, life has been tough for Brandon. Plus, his racing days are likely over, which is a stark reality for any athlete to confront.

Cooper Webb has been a key friend to Brandon throughout this process, and now they’ve teamed up for a new training program, called Alpha Motocross Dynamics, which provides online training and coaching. Brandon has moved to Florida, which also allows him to work hands-on with riders in the area, as well. Jason Weigandt checks in with Hartranft this time to see how he’s doing physically and mentally, and also how Alpha Motocross Dynamics works.

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