From the NJ Motocross Archives comes this race report all the way back to 2006. I found it when going through an old hard drive and I don’t think it was ever posted on the site. I’m not sure what publication this way for but check it out below:

Forosisky Thunders at the Jersey Shore

By Scott Lukaitis/ Photo by Scott Lukaitis


The sound of summer at the Jersey Shore are usually reserved for the gentle ocean waves and exciting Boardwalk amusements. But the first weekend of June was different. In addition to the normal sounds, there was the booming of four-stroke motorcycles at the Thunder in the Sand. Held twice a year on a temporary circuit built on the shifting sands of the beach the Thunder in the Sand is a great event to put on your racing schedule. In a town known more for the summer amusements, Motorsports is beginning to make its presence know. With the hard work of the great people at the New Jersey Hot Rod Association motocross has taken hold in Wildwood. The Mark Hufnagle course is both fun and challenging as the lines seem to shift from lap to lap 

Evan Forosisky was the top gun in the amateur classes. Winning all four motos in the 125 and 250 amateur classes the GE Mechanical/Six Six One/Scott USA sponsored Kawasaki showed his sand riding prowess by convincingly taking the overall wins. Behind Forosisky in the 125 class were James Dzierwinski and Tyler Wozney and behind him in the 250 class were Brandon Taylor and Tristen Huey.

Evan Forosisky

His counterpart in the Expert classes was Pasquale Morocco. The former Amateur national champion used a Suzuki RMZ250 to take the 125 class and a Kawasaki KXF 450 to win the 250 class. His sponsor Mt Holly Suzuki/Kawasaki sells both brands and he proved he was equally at home on either brand of machinery. With a large pro purse, Morocco definitely showed he was the man to beat in the sand. Right behind Morocco in both classes was the fall’s Thunder in the Sand champion MBR racing’s Jeff Paul with Dragon sponsored Bobby Jiminez finishing third in the 125 class and Teddy Grant finishing third in the 250 class. 

The next event will be held on October 13-15 so make your hotel reservations now or make a weekend out of it and camp on the beach. What better way to wake up than motocross and ocean waves. Visit  for more details. 

See images by Lukaitis Photo of the Thunder in the Sand HERE


85cc (7-9 years) : 1. Andrew Voroscak; 2. Brett Cox; 3. Zachary Burton; 4. Chris Spinelli; 5. Anthony Cileone.

85cc (0-11 years); 1. Garrett Schwippert; 2. Dylan Allen; 3. John Hull; 4. Joel Hull; 5. Cody Phrampus.

85cc (12-13 years); 1. Zachary Lang; 2. Eric Oshundsen; 3. Devon Grisham; 4. Tyler Valcich; 5. Dashauyn Staten.

85cc (14-15 years); 1. William Rousell; 2. Patrick Desantis; 3. Joey Mumola; 4. Steven Eggert; 5. Nick Eggert.

125 Novice: 1. Mike Cox; 2. Michael Grisham; 3. Thomas Sherby; 4. Stuart Thomas; 5. Zach Hamm.

125 Amateur: 1. Evan Forosisky; 2. James Dzierwinski; 3. Tyler Wozney; 4. Tristan Huey; 5. Chris Forman.

125 Expert ; 1. Pasquale Morrocco; 2. Jeffrey M. Paul; 3. Bobby Jimenez; 4. Teddy H. Grant; 5. Robert Malkiewicz.

250 Novice: 1. Ryan Gallagher; 2. Matthew Hangey; 3. Chris Dillon; 4. Richard Vanschaik; 5. Joseph Gleason.

250 Amateur: 1. Evan Forosisky; 2. Brandon Taylor; 3. Tristan Huey; 4. Tyler Wozney; 5. James Dzierwinski.

250 Expert: 1. Pasquale Morrocco; 2. Jeffrey Paul; 3. Teddy Grant; 4. Darren Edsall; 5. Bobby Jimenez.

250 4 Stroke: 1. Christian Topping; 2. David Szymansky; 3. Charles Meiser; 4. Johnny Palmieri, Jr.; 5. Tommy Sullivan.

Supermini: 1. James Dzierwinski; 2. Dakota Letsinger; 3. Zachary Lang; 4. Eric Oshundsen; 5. Joey Mumola.

Schoolboy (12-16 years); 1. Tyler Wozney; 2. Zach Hamm; 3. Thomas Sherby; 4. Ryan Gallagher; 5. Jeffrey Sullivan.

Collegeboy (17-24 years): 1. David Szymansky; 2. Chip Koban; 3. Anthony D’alessandro; 4. Mike Cox; 5. Mark Dipasquale.

25+ Amateur: 1. Tristan Huey; 2. Johnny Palmieri, Jr.; 3. Jonathan Carver; 4. Stephen Weldon; 5. Robert Novak.

25+ Expert: 1. Mark Siegel; 2. Dave Ginolfi: 3. Glenn Scherer; 4. Jeffrey M. Paul; 5. Darren Edsall.

30+ Novice: 1. James Dzierwinski; 2. Matthew Driesse; 3. Brian Johnson; 4. Joseph Unger, Jr.; 5. Scott Savvas.

30+ Amateur: 1. Jonathan Carver; 2. Stephen Weldon; 3. Johnny Palmieri, Jr.; 4. Dave Wambold.

30+ Expert: 1. Darren Edsall; 2. Glenn Scherer; 3. John Thomas; 4. Andy Bylsha; 5. Rich Jarvis.

40+: 1. Glenn Scherer; 2. Andy Bylsha; 3. William Ford; 4. Thomas Gibson.