The 40th annual Mini Olympics wrapped up today in Gainesville, Florida. Many NJ racers took the trip south to see how they compare against the best in the country. Here’s how they did (in no particular order):

Devin Kusmider-East Brunswick, NJ-65cc 10-11 Stock 5th mx, 5th sx; 65cc 10-11 Modified 3rd mx, 4th sx

Henry Scheetz-Milmay, NJ-65cc 10-11 Stock 32nd mx, 13th sx; 65cc 10-11 Modified 16th mx, 13th sx

Jeremy Smith-Marmora, NJ- 85cc 12-13 Stock 10th mx, 8th sx; 85cc 12-13 Modified 7th mx, 9th sx; Supermini 12-15 15th mx, 16th sx; Supermini 13-16 35th mx, 14th sx

Andrew Maroney-Manahawkin, NJ-85cc 12-13 Stock 22nd mx, 12th sx; 85cc 12-13 Modified 17th mx 11th sx; Supermini 12-15 24th mx, 23rd sx; Supermini 13-16 32nd sx

Corey Carsten- Bayville, NJ-85cc 12-13 Stock 24th mx, 31st sx

Brandon Hartranft- Brick, NJ-85cc 12-13 Modified 10th mx; Supermini 1 12-15 16th mx, 15th sx; Supermini 2 13-16 9th mx, 23rd sx

Jesse Pierce-Clarksburg, NJ- Youth 12-16 Modified 7th mx, 7th sx; 250 B Stock 11th mx, 5th sx; Open B Stock 9th mx

Michael Giovanniello- Manville, NJ- 250 C Stock 25th mx, 14th sx; 250 C Modified 23rd mx, 18th sx; Open C Stock 36th mx

Barry Carsten – Bayville, NJ- +40 2nd mx, 2nd sx; +45 1st mx, 1st sx

Richie Trevelise – Howell, NJ- 250 C Modified 10th mx; Open C Stock 19th mx; Open C Modified 39th mx

Tyler Carr – Howell, NJ-65cc 10-11 Stock 29th mx

Lauren Coleman-West Milford, NJ-Women 12+ 24th mx

Sam Faccone- Manalapan, NJ-40+ 25th mx

Cory Geddes- Brick, NJ-85cc 12-15 Stock 33rd mx; 85cc 12-15 Modified 39th mx

Cory Johnson – New Egypt, NJ- Open C Modified 23rd mx, 15 sx; 250 C Modified 16th sx

Jay Kusmider- East Brunswick, NJ-+35 23rd mx; +40 17th mx