Raceway Park Motocross
Stewart Stomps Raceway Park
Words and Photos by Scott Lukaitis


For the week leading up to Sunday’s racing action, Central New Jersey was under siege from Mother Nature. A solid week of rain blanketed the area and even forced the cancellation of Saturday’s Peewee and Pit bike racing. But Sunday morning dawned a new day with sunny skies and mild temperatures and perfect track conditions. The Carl Anderson designed track posed some new obstacles including a new grandstand section and the return of the popular elevator to its original glory.

In the first 450″A” moto of the day Honda mounted Sal Calamita grabbed the holeshot and jumped out to an early lead. Behind Calamita was a fast class of Expert racers including Ronnie Stewart, Zach Raus, and Anthony Roth. Stewart would eventually work into the lead and set off with the win. Behind Stewart at the line was Roth and Raus, second and third, early leader Calamita crossed the line in fourth. Moto two saw Stewart tuck inside of Roth in the first turn to grab the holeshot. Riding an excellent race Stewart began to pull his Ocean County Powersports backed Suzuki away the field. Behind him Raus, Roth, and Calamita were involved in a dogfight for the number two position. When the checkered flag fell it was Stewart with the win followed by Raus in second and Calamita third. Stewart’s perfect 1-1 gave him the overall followed by Raus (3-2) and Roth (2-4).

On his first day in the expert class, Sal Calamita proved he would just right on in feet first. The Honda racer jumped out to an early lead to take his first expert class moto win over the Suzukis of Ronnie Stewart and Mike Tippin. The second would start out much the same as the quick starting Calamita again grabbed an early lead over Stewart and Deptford Yamaha mounted Dan Bogdan. Calamita lead for several laps until Stewart saw his chance and went for the inside pass in the middle section of the track. Stewart tucked inside and motored away taking the victory. Calamita held on for second with Bogdan grabbing the final step of the podium. Stewart’s 2-1 would beat Calamita’s 1-2 for the overall. The consistent Tippin went 3-4 for third overall.

125 2 Stroke: 1. Tyler Loud (Yam); 2. Justin Yanvary (Kaw); 3. Erik Robbins (Yam); 4. Michael Detwiler (Yam); 5. Garrett Schwippert (Yam);

25+ Amateur “B”:  1. Travis Spader (Yam); 2. Ryan Golding (Hon); 3. Ed Graham (Suz); 4. Kenneth Rand (Ktm); 5. Ronald Fasone (Hon);

25+ Expert “A”:  1. Sean Gaughan (Hon); 2. Brian Smith (Kaw); 3. James Mc Ilvaine (Hon); 4. Robert Quinn (Yam); 5. Robert Toth (Yam);

25+ Novice “C”:  1. Shane Mohr (Oth); 2. Steven Jose (Yam);

250 Amateur  “B”:  1. Zak Klaptosky (Kaw); 2. Frank Robie (Suz); 3. Robert Marshall Jr (Kaw); 4. Paul Meier (Yam); 5. Austin Ebberup (Hon);

250 Novice “C”:   1. Jake Scott (Kaw); 2. Britton Feulner (Hon); 3. Tyler Loud (Yam); 4. Craig Fowler (Yam); 5. Anthony Maladra (Ktm);

250 Pro/Expert “A”:      1. Ronnie Stewart (Suz); 2. Sal Calamita (Hon); 3. Mike Tippin Jr (Suz);  4. Robert Malkiewicz (Kaw); 5. Daniel Bogdan (Yam);

30+ Amateur “B”:   1. Victor Palmieri (Hon); 2. Robert Chayka (Yam); 3. Ed Graham (Suz);    4. Ronald Fasone (Hon); 5. John Morrisroe (Yam);

30+ Novice “C”:  1. Steven Jose (Yam); 2. Chuck Allocca (Yam);    3. Glenn Sutton (Hon);    4. Winston Wisdom (Hon); 5. Chris Masterson (Kaw);

30+ Vet Expert “A”:      1. Richard Zupko (Yam); 2. Sean Gaughan (Hon); 3. Christopher Chomko (Kaw); 4. Brian Smith (Kaw); 5. Robert Toth (Yam);

40+ B/C:  1. Robert Chayka (Yam);    2. John Morrisroe (Yam); 3. Carl Herrforth (Hon); 4. John Tavernese (Yam); 5. Todd Miller (Hon);

40+ Senior Expert “A”:  1. James Mc Ilvaine (Hon);    2. Larry Harper (Suz);    3. Joe Reilly (Suz);    4. Marc Tiesler (Hon); 5. John Ward (Hon);

45+:      1. Joe Reilly (Suz); 2. Jeffrey Mesler (Hon);    3. Robert Chayka (Yam); 4. Chris Suydam (Hon); 5. Joseph Fritz (Hon);

4-8 50cc Class

(QUAD):  1. Julian Coffing (Oth); 2. Garrett Hohmeier (Oth);    3. Jake Fordham (Oth);

50cc 4-6 Stock:  1. Dominic Amilcare (Cob); 2. Brian Deintinis (Yam);

50cc 4-8 Oil/Auto/Shifter:  1. Dominic Amilcare (Cob); 2. Kenny Abey (Ktm); 3. Kyle Suydam (Suz); 4. Deegan Harper (Ktm);

50cc 7-8 Stock:  1. Christopher Feeley (Ktm); 2. Kenny Abey (Ktm); 3. Tyler Walters (Oth);    4. Robert Moore (Ktm); 5. Justin Deintinis (Hon);

65cc 10-11:      1. Trevor Pritchard (Ktm); 2. Zachary Bassista (Suz); 3. Adam Pilla (Suz); 4. Hunter Goydan (Kaw); 5. Dakota Nyul (Kaw);

65cc 7-9:  1. Sean Patterson (Ktm); 2. Trent Masterson (Kaw); 3. James Abey (Ktm); 4. Kyle Suydam (Suz); 5. Tyler Myers (Ktm);

70CVT:  1. Andrew Ciccone (Oth);    2. Brandon Grace (Oth);

85cc 12-15:      1. Jacob Rauch (Kaw); 2. Lucas Brzostowski (Kaw); 3. Koda Smith (Hon);    4. Brian Rugglero (Hon); 5. Randy Hernandez (Kaw);

85cc 12-16 (Super Mini):  1. Jacob Marshall (Kaw);    2. Lucas Brzostowski (Kaw);    3. Michael Ward (Hon);    4. Christian Sanchez (Suz); 5. Koda Smith (Hon);

85cc 9-11:      1. Trevor Pritchard (Ktm); 2. Zachary Bassista (Suz); 3. Daniel Suydam (Kaw);    4. Doug Oakley (Hon); 5. Everett Schepis (Kaw);

85cc 9-13 (Jr Mini):      1. Trevor Pritchard (Ktm); 2. Jacob Rauch (Kaw); 3. Christian Sanchez (Suz); 4. Brenden Whelan (Hon); 5. Randy Hernandez (Kaw);

90 CVT:      1. And

rew Ciccone (Oth); 2. Sean Pacella (Oth); 3. Brandon Grace (Oth); 4. Niki Major (Oth);

College Boy (14-24 years):      1. Anthony Roth (Hon); 2. Zach Raus (Yam); 3. Joseph Chmielewski (Yam);    4. Richard Lax (Yam); 5. Charles Grembowiel (Kaw);

Jr. Mini Youth Quad:  1. Lea Concepcion (Oth); 2. Kyle Fordham (Oth);

Open Amateur “B”:      1. Jon Reber (Suz); 2. Zak Klaptosky (Kaw);    3. Joseph Chmielewski (Yam);    4. Paul Meier (Yam);    5. Charles Grembowiel (Kaw);

Open Expert “A”:      1. Ronnie Stewart (Suz); 2. Zach Raus (Yam); 3. Anthony Roth (Hon);    4. Sal Calamita (Hon); 5. Daniel Bogdan (Yam);

Open Novice “C”:      1. Jake Scott (Kaw); 2. Britton Feulner (Hon); 3. Craig Fowler (Yam);    4. Larry Cella (Kaw);    5. Gerald Brown (Hon);

Schoolboy (12-16 years) 2-str:   1. Adam Scicchitano (Suz); 2. Anthony Maladra (Ktm); 3. Erik Robbins (Yam); 4. Ryan Hernandez (Hon);    5. Michael Detwiler (Yam);

Schoolboy (14-16 years) 4-str:  1. Frank Robie (Suz); 2. Jake Scott (Kaw);    3. Robert Marshall Jr (Kaw); 4. Adam Scicchitano (Suz); 5. Nikki Stewart (Oth);

Sr. Mini Youth Quad:  1. Nicholas Major (Hon); 2. Justin Barnikow (Hon); 3. Nicholas Bassista (Hon);

Women (16+up):  1. Samantha Fritz (Hon);    2. Nikki Stewart (Oth); 3. Rene Kotopoulis (Hon);    4. Meaghan Metz (Yam);

Ronnie Stewart