My Name is…. Devin Kusmider

I ride…. KTM 65 and Cobra 50

I live in….East Brunswick NJ

I am …. 9 years old

Devin Kusmider

Devin Kusmider

My Family….loves me, supports me, and helps me reach my MX goals.

My occupation is…. a student

Favorite food….watermelon and my mom’s moto-roni’s

Favorite Drink….Monster

Devin Kusmider

Devin Kusmider

I can’t live without…my scooter, BMX bike and of course Motocross….braap!

The last thing I do before a moto is….drink some water then check to make sure my boot buckles didn’t come undone

Favorite TV show…. MythBusters

Favorite movie….12 Rounds

Favorite website….You Tube

My goal for 2009 is to…2009 goal was to make it to Loretta’s on my 50 and win the Ulimate Series on my 50 & 65 (I did it!). my 2010 goal is to make it to Loretta’s on my 65 and win the Ultimate Series on my 65

Devin Kusmider

Devin Kusmider

I’d like to thank…my dad who takes care of my bikes and gets me to all my races, my mom who makes sure I have clean gear & my favorite foods in the RV, my sister Brooke, grandparents, KPS, Mt. Holly Racing, and all my track friends.

I race motocross because…  it’s fun and I LOVE IT!!!!

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