ENCINITAS, Calif. – The Road 2 Recovery Foundation (R2R) has established a fundraising campaign to support 3D Racing privateer motocross team Owner/Manager Bill Dill, who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 glioblastoma. Due to the aggressive nature of this type of cancer, Bill’s treatment plan is still being assessed by his doctors at Mass General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, but he will begin an extensive daily treatment of both chemo and radiation for the first six weeks.

After experiencing weeks of chronic headaches, Bill went to the hospital on February 1, 2021, experiencing stroke-like symptoms such as loss of feeling in his left side and unsteady balance, and that is when doctors discovered his tumor. On February 5, Bill underwent a craniotomy brain tumor resection to treat the cancer and he will soon begin chemotherapy, radiation, and other potential treatments and therapies. Donate to Bill’s R2R Fund, where you can help ease the stress from the mounting bills that Bill and his family are facing. Although Bill does have medical insurance, he is expected to be out of work for the foreseeable future as he fights for his life.

Bill started racing locally at his hometown in Massachusetts when he was 10 years old and he won his first championship at the prime age of 15 and he held the AMA national number 93. In 2000, he decided to switch roles and start a pro team called 3D Racing, where he has since helped countless privateers achieve their dream of racing professionally. He is the team owner, manager, truck driver, mechanic, and everything in between and he could be described as one of the guys that continuously keep giving and putting everything into the sport and expecting nothing in return. Bill lives and breathes racing and has dedicated his entire life to the sport. We know as he begins the race for his life against glioblastoma, he will win with the help of the racing community behind him.

Bill Dill’s R2R Fund- https://road2recovery.com/cause-view/bill-dill/

For more information on Road 2 Recovery, upcoming events and athlete updates, visit road2recovery.com or click here to donate. As always, R2R is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) and your donation toward Bill’s fund is tax-deductible in the U.S. and U.K. As more information on Bill’s recovery becomes available, we will update his R2R page.