Cycle News has been the source for the motorcycle community since the 1960s. In case you aren’t aware of it, they’ve digitally archived all of their issues and house them in one place for the world to see. For a couple of bucks, you’ll gain access to decades worth of issues that you can flip through and read. Although they have not yet scanned Cycle News East, and we are missing a bunch of the NJ-based content from those days, there is still a ton of great stuff, if you look for it.-

How about these 2 images of national #18, Mickey Kessler and his Montesa. Remember this was in the day before google maps and cell phones when traveling across the country was a bit more difficult. Another thing to note, Kessler’s national number is 18. In a day before career numbers and regional supercross, Mickey earned a number in the top 20. Against the factory guys, Mickey did it out of his van.

Anyway, enjoy these images and check out the Cycle News Archives – HERE