From MX Sports –

The Pro Motocross schedule continues to be dynamic. It is the intent of organizers to conduct the events with fans, which requires elevated social distancing protocols. The phase-in plans for the resumption of large gatherings continues to evolve from state-to-state, with some states having clear guidelines and others not so much. Event organizers continue to work with their local and state officials to develop a suitable timetable for their national event, but the situation is changing rapidly. The current plan is to start the series in July, but to date no exact start date or location has been determined. What has been determined is that RedBud will not be held on July 4th, nor will it be the opening round. The Series will release a month-to-month schedule starting with July in the coming weeks. This roll-out schedule will allow events to be moved as organizers obtain approval from state to state. Although this approach may be unorthodox, it is necessary under the circumstances, and event organizers and series managers appreciate the patience of the riders, teams and fans as we maneuver through these challenging times.

NJ Motocross is looking forward to the outdoor motocross season and will be on hand to cover the event as we’ve done in previous seasons with a focus on the New Jersey and other “local” racers chasing their motocross dreams. Stay tuned.