Check out this video from the great people at the Road 2 Recovery. The Road 2 Recovery Foundation is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization founded to help AMA licensed professional motocross/supercross and action sports athletes with financial assistance if they sustain a debilitating injury as well as providing motivational, emotional, and spiritual support to these individuals and their families.

In the past, the organization has helped local racers Coty Schock and Mike Giovanniello as well as NJ BMX athlete Scotty Cranmer. Here are some of their funded causes.

Unfortunately, the need to raise funds doesn’t end. Even with exceptional medical insurance, catastrophic injuries can be extremely expensive and often racers and their families are left with staggering medical bills.

But the Road 2 Recovery does so much more than help financially. Their understanding of medical billing and the resources that they have access to make sure these injured athletes make the right decisions at a very critical time in their recovery.

Check out the video that they just put out explaining their official anthem.

Take the opportunity this holiday season to donate to the Road 2 Recovery by visiting their website HERE.