March 24 was Opening Day at Raceway Park. 2019 marks the 44th season opener and the first opener at the “new” track. Many will remember the 2018 season opened across the street at the “old” track before coming across the street and many will also remember the number of times that rain had an effect on the weekend’s racing activities. If opening day 2019 is any indication, 2019 will be great. Here is a look at what happened on opening day.

Photos by Scott Lukaitis – Lukaitis Photo

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Manufacturer breakdown – 131 Yamaha, 129 KTM, 71 Honda, 55 Kawasaki, 36 Cobra, 29 Suzuki, 2 Other

Bryton Carroll and Jeremy Smith do battle in the 450/Open Expert class. Smith took the overall win. Photo by Scott Lukaitis/Lukaitis Photo

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Jeremy Smith – Photo by Scott Lukaitis

450/Open Expert: The 450/Open Expert class was the first moto of the day 16 racers signed up to compete. The addition of an extra $500 to the purse from Eglentowicz Demolition meant that both the 450/Open Expert and 250 Expert class racers would see in increase in the payout at the end of the day. Husqvarna mounted Jesse Pierce would grab the win in the first moto followed by Jeremy Smith, Ricci Randanella, Bryton Carroll and Renato Paz rounding out the top-5. Moto 2 would go to Smith, followed by Carroll, Paz, Aaron Lampi and Pierce rounding out the top 5.

450/Open Expert Overall- 1. Jeremy Smith (Hon); 2. Bryton Carroll (Yam); 3. Jesse Pierce (Hus); 4. Renato Paz (Yam); 5. Ricci Randanella (Hon);

Bryton Carroll And Aaron Lampi – Photo by Scott Lukaitis

250 Expert: The 250 Expert class also featured great racing action as Bryton Carroll and Aaron Lampi went head-to-head for the win. Never more than a few bike lengths apart in the second, this duo showed how fast they could go. In the end, Carroll would win both motos followed by Lampi with Ricci Randanella rounding out the top-3.

250 Expert Overall- 1. Bryton Carroll (Yam); 2. Aaron Lampi (Ktm); 3. Ricci Randanella (Ktm); 4. Dakota Kessler (Yam); 5. Cory Carsten (Suz);

Results from other classes

Vet Classes

Dakota Kessler was the 25+ Expert class winner. Photo by Scott Lukaitis

13A-25+ Expert “A”: 1. Dakota Kessler (Yam); 2. Jesse Pierce (Hus); 3. Adam Blessing (Suz); 4. Jason Astudillo (Hon); 5. Robert Malkiewicz (Kaw);

13B-25+ Amateur “B”: 1. Kevin Quigley (Kaw); 2. William Curry (Kaw); 3. James Baldwin (Hon); 4. Donnie Cashin (Kaw); 5. Billy Nylander (Yam);

13C-25+ Novice “C”: 1. Yoandry Paulino (Hon); 2. Geoffrey Levengood (Hon); 3. Levvin Diaz (Hon); 4. James Ernst (Yam); 5. Michael Johnson (Hon);

14A-30+ Expert “A”: 1. Anthony Roth (Yam); 2. James Henshaw (Hon); 3. Barry Carsten (Suz); 4. Chad Smith (Hus); 5. Robert Kirchhofer (Hon);

14B-30+ Amateur “B”: 1. John Burlew (Yam); 2. Brandon Williams (Yam); 3. Albin Jimenez (Hon); 4. Casey Kelly (Suz); 5. Peter Cook (Hus);

14C-30+ Novice “C”: 1. Michael Johnson (Hon); 2. Levvin Diaz (Hon); 3. Jeff Mesler (Ktm); 4. Vincent Granozio (Hus); 5. Ryan Reif (Yam);

15A-40+ Senior Expert “A”: 1. Chad Smith (Hus); 2. Barry Carsten (Suz); 3. James Mcilvaine (Kaw); 4. Brian Smith (Hon); 5. Antonio Poccia (Kaw);

15B-40+ Senior Amateur “B”: 1. Brian Oconnor (Ktm); 2. Reginaldo Franca (Yam); 3. John Kelly Jr (Suz); 4. Leonard Groves (Suz); 5. Fabian Tavella Sr (Hon);

15C-40+ Senior Novice “C”: 1. Mark Taylor (Suz); 2. Michael Krasznai (Kaw); 3. Bruce Hirchak (Hon); 4. Bob Bill (Ktm); 5. John Gordon (Yam);

16 -45+ Senior: 1. James Mcilvaine (Kaw); 2. Robert Quinn (Ktm); 3. Wayne Powers (Yam); 4. Anthony Migliaccio (Hon); 5. Brian Haddow (Ktm);

17-50+ Masters: 1. James Mcilvaine (Kaw); 2. Edward Olsen (Hon); 3. William Sargent (Yam); 4. Raymond Desiderio (Yam); 5. Chris Prenderville (Suz);

Luiz Tonini won the Open Amateur Class. Photo by Scott Lukaitis

Amateur Classes

3 – 250 Amateur “B”: 1. Ian Kearon (Yam); 2. Tyler Carr (Yam); 3. Sam Messler (Yam); 4. Pierce Foster (Yam); 5. Matthew Wahl (Yam);

8-450/Open Amateur “B”: 1. Luiz Tonini (Yam); 2. Tyler Carr (Yam); 3. Leonard Jastrzembski Ii (Yam); 4. Sam Messler (Yam); 5. Pierce Foster (Yam);

Travis Randanella was a double class winner with victories in both the 250 and Open Novice classes. Photo by Scott Lukaitis

Novice Classes

5 – 250 Novice “C”: 1. Travis Randanella (Ktm); 2. Jacob Henry (Ktm); 3. Damian Krause (Yam); 4. Issac Lawyer (Yam); 5. Dakota Nyul (Kaw);

10-450/Open Novice “C”: 1. Travis Randanella (Ktm); 2. Damian Krause (Yam); 3. Jacob Henry (Ktm); 4. Griffin Mantel (Ktm); 5. Tyler Schmidt (Hon);

Jaden Palmer was a double class winner on opening day. Photo by Scott Lukaitis

Youth Classes

41- Beginner Youth 65/85 9-15: 1. Chad Mathews (Kaw); 2. Chase Eglentowicz (Ktm); 3. John Delgado (Cob); 4. Nathan Dillard (Kaw); 5. Noah Pinto (Yam);

21-50cc 4-8 Oil/Auto/Shifter: 1. Colton Schmidt (Ktm); 2. Dustin Sorrentino (Ktm); 3. Blayden Kelly (Cob); 4. Aisyn Tooker (Ktm); 5. Alex Gordon (Ktm);

22-50cc 4-6 Stock: 1. Lyric Zicha (Cob); 2. Colton Schmidt (Cob); 3. Blayden Kelly (Cob); 4. Alex Gordon (Cob); 5. Lahna Macneil (Cob);

23-50cc 7-8 Stock: 1. Wayne Powers Jr (Cob); 2. Landon Palmer (Cob); 3. Quinn Despres (Cob); 4. Bryce Danenhower (Ktm); 5. Justin Kirchhofer (Ktm);

24-50cc Open 4-8 Years Old: 1. Wayne Powers Jr (Cob); 2. Landon Palmer (Cob); 3. Quinn Despres (Cob); 4. Bryce Danenhower (Ktm); 5. Shae Coffee (Cob);

25-65cc 7-9 Year Old: 1. Troy Kline (Ktm); 2. Ian Cabal (Hus); 3. Aidan Bailey (Ktm); 4. Brady Rodecker (Ktm); 5. John Palina (Ktm);

27-65cc 10-11 Year Old: 1. Klark Robbins (Ktm); 2. Nicholas Frazier (Ktm); 3. Michael Cuadra (Yam); 4. Tomek Jusianiek (Ktm); 5. Luis Objio (Ktm);

28-85cc 9-13 Year Old: 1. Jaden Palmer (Kaw); 2. Brandon Nolan (Ktm); 3. Jayden Gomez (Ktm); 4. Brendan Martin (Kaw); 5. Christian Garrison (Ktm);

30B-Jr Mini 85-65CC 9-13: 1. Jaden Palmer (Kaw); 2. Christian Merman (Ktm); 3. Brandon Nolan (Ktm); 4. Klark Robbins (Ktm); 5. Vince Kline (Ktm);

31A-85/150 SM WHL12-16 Yr Old: 1. Travis Green (Ktm); 2. Joseph Naia (Ktm); 3. Jesse Meinhart (Ktm); 4. Dalten Robbins (Ktm); 5. Maximus Adem (Yam);

32A-Supermini 12-15: 1. Bryan Rosembarg (Hus); 2. Brandon Nolan (Ktm); 3. Travis Green (Hus); 4. Joseph Naia (Ktm); 5. Jesse Meinhart (Ktm);

35A-Schoolboy 1 (12-17) 2-Strk: 1. Sebastian Balbuena (Yam); 2. Ian Kearon (Yam); 3. Kashon Cross (Ktm); 4. Zachary Smith (Yam); 5. Bryan Rosembarg (Hus);

19A-Schoolboy II 12-17yrs: 1. Chris Sweeney (Kaw); 2. Nicholas Carrera (Yam); 3. Russell Difalco (Yam); 4. Zach Striefsky (Kaw); 5. John Lyzenga (Kaw);

35C-125/Open 2-Stroke (12+): 1. Sebastian Balbuena (Yam); 2. Kashon Cross (Ktm); 3. Alexander Infurna (Hus); 4. Yohannan Cuadra (Yam); 5. Steven Lewis Jr (Suz);

Ryan Trevelise won the College Boy class. Photo by Scott Lukaitis

Other Classes

12A-College Boy (16-24 years): 1. Ryan Trevelise (Yam); 2. Luiz Tonini (Yam); 3. Jason Schoepfer (Hus); 4. Thomas Giambrone (Hon); 5. Philip Steinbach (Ktm);

18B-Women (14+): 1. Samantha Fritz (Hon); 2. Crystal Laul (Kaw); 3. Bella Kozlowski (Hus); 4. Catherine Couse (Hon); 5. Madison Northrop (Kaw);

The next race at Raceway Park will April 6 & 7 and they host an Area Qualifier for the AMA Amateur Nationals at Loretta Lynn’s. The event flyer is below for more information.

Thank you for reading. See you at the track.