Budd’s Creek MX in Mechanicsville MD is a couple of hour drive from most of NJ. Its location makes it a good national fro local racers and fans to attend. Here are all of the New Jersey and local racers results.

450 MX Class

#281, Cory Carsten, Bayville, NJ – 38th timed qualifying, 1st LCQ – (35-25) 31st overall

#309, Jeremy Smith, Marmora, NJ – 17th timed qualifying, (26-20) 22nd overall

#489, Ricci Randanella, Marlton, NJ – 33rd timed qualifying – (30-26) 28th overall

#498, Jason Dragonetti, Manahawkin, NJ – 65th timed qualifying – 24th LCQ

#744, Tom Giambrone, Glen Gardner, NJ – 86th timed qualifying

#763, James Henshaw, Manahawkin, NJ – 61st timed qualifying, 22nd LCQ

#915, Ryan Quinn, Landing, NJ – 84th timed qualifying

250MX Class

#45, Brandon Hartranft, Brick, NJ – 17th timed qualifying, (15-7) 11th overall

#390, Salvatore Cusimano, West Creek, NJ – 68th timed qualifying, 20th LCQ

#514, Anthony Roth, Cedar Run, NJ – 63rd timed qualifying, 14th LCQ

#698, Cameron Pettit, Dorchester, NJ – 60th timed qualifying, 18th LCQ

Other “local” racers –

450 Class –

#319 Coty Schock, Dover, DE – 26th in timed qualifying, (13-17) 15th overall.

#637 Bobby Piazza, Easton, PA – 32nd in timed qualifying, (31-23) 26th overall.

250 Class –

#641 Hunter Stempel, Bay Shore, NY – 67th in timed qualifying, 16th LCQ.

#432 Salvatore Colangelo, Goldens Bridge, NY – 59th in timed qualifying, 36th LCQ.