With temperatures in the 90s and humidity to match, Budds Creek was a test of man and machine. After missing the race in 2018 Lukaitis Photo returned to capture the action and you can see more than 1000 photos in our gallery from the event.

As always the images are in alphabetical order by the riders “last name” with all holeshot pictures labeled as “start” and several “track” photos of the facility.

All images on Lukaitis Photo are keyworded by the last name of the rider and have been since we began in 2005. By searching the site, you will be able to find all images ever taken under that keyword.

Images are available for use in editorial or commercial use. They are not available for print purchase. Racers, if you want photos for social media or other marketing needs, please contact me.

Check out all of the images at the following link-

Budds Creek National Motocross Images 2019