What riders were on the podium at KROC 2018? You can go to our results page to see the top 5 in all classes but if you’re short on time, check out the images below for Sunday’s podium racers.

Fast Fifties

1st place – Kevyn DePinho

2nd place – Griffyn Alfalla

3rd place – Zane Martin

Kessler Cup

1st place – Anthony Hill

2nd place – Jaden Palmer

3rd place – Tyler Devers

Top Gun Shootout

1st place – Bryce Shelly

2nd place – Sebastian Racine

3rd place – Drew Adams

Ironman Classic

1st place – Hunter Calle

2nd place – Orion Gregory

3rd place – Brandon Gregoire

250 Pro

1st place – Jyire Mitchell

2nd place – Aaron Lampi

3rd place – Max Sanford

Open Pro

1st place – Coty Schock

2nd place – Jyire Mitchell

3rd place – Bryton Carroll