Old Bridge Township’s Raceway Park
Kessler, Rojas Claim E-Town Victories
By Scott Lukaitis Photo by Lukaitis Photo.com

The dog days of summer are upon us and motocross is in full swing at Raceway Park. The hot summer days make for a battle of the elements as well as a battle between man and machine. Gone are the days of loamy moist track condition instead they are replaced by hard packed dusty conditions. The Mickey Kessler prepared track held up well despite the 90-degree temperatures and in turn, those in attendance were treated to excellent racing in all classes.

The first 125 “Lites” Expert moto saw Fox/ Dragon backed Honda rider Adam Blessing get the early lead over the rest of the field. Trailing Blessing hot on his heels were riders Ronnie Stewart, Mt Holly KTM rider Ryan Gainey, Suzuki mounted Henry Rojas and Goodfellow’s Honda rider Onorino Fascelli. Working through the moto Blessing continued to lead but Kessler was on a roll eventually working past Fascelli and Gainey into third. By motos end, it was Blessing with the victory followed by Rojas and Fascelli who got back around Gainey and Kessler for third.

In the second “Lites” moto Kessler grabbed the early lead nailing down the holeshot followed by Stewart and Blessing. Honda-mounted Bryan Wallace was catching up to the leading trio and would eventually start knocking on the door of Blessing. Stewart got by Kessler and tried to run away but Kessler would get back by and hold on to the lead until the end taking the victory followed across the line by Stewart and Wallace. Kessler’s 5-1 motos would get him the overall for the day followed by Blessing’s 1-5 and Onorino Fascelli in third 3-4.

The first 250 “Motocross” Expert moto Blessing got the holeshot followed by Kessler and Fascelli with Kessler going by them all on the way up the staircase and into the lead. Just one lap in Stewart worked his way past Blessing and set off to catch Kessler. Stewart got by Kessler and set off to take the moto win. He was followed across the line by Rojas who worked his way through a fast pack of Experts to take second and Kessler held on for third.

The second moto saw Stewart grab the early lead followed by Rojas, Fascelli, and Kessler. Stewart began to stretch out his lead as Rojas and Fascelli began to scrap for position. Gainey was in fourth watching the race in front of him unfold. While out front cruising to his second moto win of the day Stewart put his leg down wrong in a corner and had to pull off the track in extreme pain injuring his ankle and could not continue. Rojas was handed the moto win and overall win with his 2-1 motos. Fascelli’s 4-2 netted him second overall and Bryan Wallace’s 5-4 gave him third overall. The next event at Raceway Park will be the 15th annual Vet and Vintage Reunion on September 1st.