NJ Motocross Quickerview

My Name is.. Sean Koeller

I ride…. KTMs in 250/450A and collegeboy

Sean Koeller

I live in…. Lafayette, NJ

I am …. 21 years old

My occupation is…. parts/everything guy at Town and Country Cycle Center

Favorite food…. Sausage and peppers or chicken parm, or both.

Favorite Drink…. Coconut water

I can’t live without… my road bicycle and my ipod

The last thing I do before a moto is…. I don’t do anything too crazy, pump my chest a few times but thats about it

Favorite TV show… I dont think I really have one but Family Guy is always a staple

Favorite movie…. Boondock saints, it’ll never get old

Favorite website… I only visit like 6 websites, all dirtbike sites, thats why the internet was made, right?

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… I’m pretty heavy into Instagram since it came out for Droid, trying to be like Matt Rice.

My goal for 2012 is to… get back what I lost after not riding for 5 months, the wrist injury I got at Lorettas has made it tough to ride more then once a week but its finally coming around I hope.

I’d like to thank… My family, I get really moody when I dont’ ride and they have to put up with me! It went from being a good season last year to a complete waste this year so I am just lucky to have a few great sponsors and people that have stuck behind me, from Troy Lee Designs and Liquid Lightning to my trainer Freddy and everyone else.

I race motocross because…. I’m not very good at anything else! But it relieves all my stress and it’s the best way to have fun and clear my head.