My Name is.. Kenny Vicari

Kenny Vicari

I ride…. a crf150r Honda

I live in…. Jackson, NJ

I am 14 years old

My occupation is…. n/a

Favorite food…. T-bone steak with baked potato

Favorite Drink….Arizona iced tea

I can’t live without…family and my dirt bike

The last thing I do before a moto is…. stretch and relax

Favorite TV show…that 70’s show

Favorite movie…. Nitro Circus

Favorite website…

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… facebook and instagram

My goal for 2012 is to… win a motocross race

I’d like to thank… my family, Bel-Ray for supporting me and everybody that as ever or is supporting me

I race motocross because…. it’s not a sport i was pushed into it is a very unique and dangerous sport, it lets me be who i can be, surrounded by great people and it is so much fun to be on my bike and race.

Kenny Vicari