Several NJ based motocrossers took a shot at qualifying for the AMA National Motocross this past weekend at Budd’s Creek.

Here’s how they did.

450 class.

Ronnie Stewart

Ronnie Stewart-qualified 32nd (26-28) 28th overall

Dakota Kessler

Dakota Kessler- qualified by winning the LCQ (36-31) 36th overall

Anthony Roth

Anthony Roth – 57th fastest in timed qualifying.

250 Class

Lowell Spangler

Lowell Spangler – qualified 25th fastest (24-26) 27th overall

Joey Peters

Joey Peters – qualified 33rd fastest (38-40) 40th overall

Tyler Wozney

Tyler Wozney – 57th fastest in timed qualifying

Juan Paul Sanchez

Juan Paul Sanchez – 67th fastest in timed qualifying