Head of the Class-

This is a new feature for NJ Motocross. As the official photographer for Raceway Park motocross, I get the opportunity to see a great deal of racing. This feature will point out my top rider in each class from the previous weekend. It may not always be the winner, sometimes it will be someone I saw charging or riding really well.

I will name a winner in the Youth, Novice, Amateur, Expert, and Vet class.

Youth-Andrew Maroney

Andrew Maroney

Andrew Maroney photo by Scott Lukaitis

Maroney won all 4 of his mini motos and finished second in the Schoolboy class on his Supermini against 125’s in the Schoolboy class this past Sunday. Maroney has great style and is excellent to watch race.

Novice-Richie Trevelise

Richie Trevelise

Richie Trevelise photo by Scott Lukaitis

Richie experienced some bad luck on Sunday by going down in the first turn but his excellent ride to second place combined with his second overall in the Open Novice and the overall victory in the 250 Novice class make him this week’s pick.

Amateur-Robert Piazza

Robert Piazza

Robert Piazza photo by Scott Lukaitis

Robert Piazza styled his way to victories in both the 250 Amateur and Schoolboy 4-stroke classes.

Expert-Juan Paul Sanchez

Juan Paul Sanchez

Juan Paul Sanchez photo by Scott Lukaitis

I don’t know much about Sanchez other than the fact that he won the Open Expert overall and was second in the 250 Expert Class. Both 250 motos were a knock down drag out battle with Zak Klaptosky. The two riders were on each other’s fenders all moto long and produced some of the best racing action all day long.

Vet-Barry Carsten

Barry Carsten

Barry Carsten photo by Scott Lukaitis

25+, 30+ and 40+ overall winner…enough said!