Travis Pastrana is the most important athlete at Xgames…There I said it!

Here’s why.

#1 Travis is perfect for Madison Avenue. His clean-cut image and outgoing personality are a marketing person dream. His sponsors love him not only for his skills and ability but for his fan interaction. Travis has always had the longest autograph lines and whenever possible stays around to interact with each and every fan.

#2 Travis tries new stuff. His tricks are not just variations of old stuff they are groundbreaking new ideas cooked up in his mind somewhere.

#3 Without Travis there is no Rally Car racing at the XGames. And perhaps in the United States. The sport owes a debt of gratitude to Pastrana. Without Pastrana laying the groundwork, I don’t believe guys like Ken Block would have gotten involved in the sport. Now with rally cars being part of Xgames companies like Monster, Rockstar and Red Bull got involved and brought their advertising budgets with them. Gotta wonder, would there still be street luge at Xgames if Pastrana got involved?

#4 He crosses over between all types of fans. Motocross, freestyle, rally…even little old ladies love Travis. He even wished his Mom Happy Birthday on National’s that for brownie points.

So there are 4 good reasons that Travis Pastrana is the most important Athlete at Xgames.

What do you think?