My Name is Mike Tippin!

I ride a Bromley’s backed Suzuki RMZ 250.

I live in Southampton, NJ.

I am 21 years old.

My Family helps me in any way that they can, I would not be here today if it wasn’t for my parents, I owe them everything.

My occupation is a full-time college student, and when I’m not in school I work with my dad and his construction company.

Favorite food is probably pasta, french fries, and fruit.

Favorite Drink is definitely lemonade.

I can’t live without eating, my cell phone, riding, and this one special girl I adore.

The last thing I do before a moto is check my gas, adjust my helmet, goggles, and take deep breathes.

Favorite TV show, Entourage.

Favorite movie, Superbad.

Favorite website, MYSPACE.COM.

My goal for 2009 is to keep trying as hard as I can to get more recognition as being a front-runner, and hopefully getting some better support, sponsors, and my main goal is to get a bike.

I’d like to thank: My Parents, Bromleys Suzuki/KTM, MSR, Loud Mouth Intakes, Factory Connection, Yoshimura, Vortex, Holeshot Graphics, MGX Unlimited, Dragon, L25.

I race motocross because it comes naturally to me, it is in my blood, and motocross is the only thing that I am truly passionate about.

Mike Tippin 2009

Mike Tippin 2009