My Name is….


Thunder in the Sand 2009

Thunder in the Sand 2009

I ride….
85 (12-15), And junior mini

I live in….

Point Pleasant, New Jersey

I am …. years old


My Family….

Helps me out with anything I need. Motivates me, $Pays for the things I need!$

My occupation is….

Basketball, BMX, and Motocross

Favorite food….

Filet Mignon

Favorite Drink….

Light Blue Gatorade (Fierce), & Arizona Iced Tea

Thunder in the Sand 2009

Thunder in the Sand 2009

I can’t live without…

My Dirtbikes

The last thing I do before a moto is….

Stretch and take a sip of water

Favorite TV show….

Cribs , George Lopez, & SOUTH PARK!!!!

Favorite movie….

Step Brothers

Favorite website….


My goal for 2010 is to…

Stay safe, Work harder, Get faster, and hopefully start riding 125’s

I’d like to thank…

Scott goggles, Kessler Pro Suspension, MOM AND DAD for helping me out with everything like buying my bikes, my gear, parts, graphics, anything I need and being there when I need them

I race motocross because….

It’s a fun sport, you get away from everything and ride its parts of the sport and it never gets boring because u can always improve on something and always get faster no matter who you are