Race Report Southwick:

Words and photos by Scott Lukaitis

AMA National Motocross racing from MX338 Southwick MA August 23/24 2008

The shifting sands of Southwick played host to the next to the last round of the AMA National Motocross Series presented by FMF on the weekend of August 23rd and 24th. With the new schedule in place this season Southwick moved from its traditional June date to the end of August. The heat of a New England summer could have been unbearable but pleasant conditions with temperatures in teh low 80’s and low humidity brought the Southwick faithful out en masse. Could James Stewart keep his perfect season in tact? Could Ryan Dungey beat Ryan Villopoto again? How will John Dowd do? An what about this De Reuver guy? All of these questions would be answered by the end of racing on Sunday. An here is how it went.
Marc DeReuver

Marc DeReuver

MX Lites moto 1

Geico Powersports Honda backed Blake Wharton grabbed the holeshot with Ryan Dungey and the Pro Circuit Kawasaki duo of Brett Metcalf and Ryan Villopoto hot on his heels. Villopoto would make quick work of his teammate and Dungey and set off after Wharton. After leading the first 4 laps of the moto Wharton would give way to Villopoto who then set off to gap himself from the field. Villopoto would cruise in for the first moto victory. Meanwhile behind the 2008 Champion Metcalfe and Dungey were looked into a fierce battle that would push them past Wharton in the same corner dropping the rookie to fourth. Metcalfe would get the better of Dungey for second while Motosports Outlet backed Kawasaki rider Kyle Chisholm rounded out the top 5.
Ryan Villopoto

Ryan Villopoto

MX Lites Moto 1 Results:

1. Ryan Villopoto (KAW)
2. Brett Metcalfe (KAW)
3. Ryan Dungey (SUZ)
4. Blake Wharton (HON)
5. Kyle Chisholm (KAW)

MX Class Moto 1:

The first Motocross class moto saw Red Bull Honda backed Ivan Tedesco get to the first turn first but the Monster Energy Kawasaki of James Stewart was able to sneak by before the white BTO Sports holeshot line. The race for the lead was all but over. Just as he has for the previous 20 motos this season James Stewart said good bye to his competition and pulled away for the victory. Behind him was the Honda duo of Tedesco and teammate Andrew Short. Dutch sand specialist Marc De Reuver was working his way through the pack after a mediocre start. The Martin Honda rider was aboard one of the vacated Red Bull Honda’s and was trying to back up some of his message board chatter from earlier in the week. DeReuver had said that he would beat “every American except Stewart” and he looked like he was going to back it up. After setting the second fastest time on Saturday the deceivingly fast rider was picking off riders with his stand up riding style. By the moto end Stewart was out from with Short in second, De Reuver worked up to third and Tim Ferry and Matt Goerke rounded out the top 5.
James Stewart

James Stewart

Motocross Moto 1 Results:

1. James Stewart (KAW)
2. Andrew Short (HON)
3. Marc DeReuver (HON)
4. Tim Ferry (KAW)
5. Matt Goerke (KTM)

MX Lites Moto 2:

Moto two saw Villopoto grab the holeshot with Dungey and KTM rider Ryan Sipes in third. First moto holeshot artist Blake Wharton was on the ground in the first turn and would remount dead last. Villopoto checked out and not even a late moto tip over crash would keep him from winning the moto. He could then check Southwick off his list of victories and only his homestate track of Washougal remains elusive in his Lites class overall victory list. Dungey would follow in second with Metcalfe, Sipes and Chisholm rounding out the top 5.

Ryan Dungey

Ryan Dungey

MX Lites Moto 2 Results:

1. Ryan Villopoto (KAW)
2. Ryan Dungey (SUZ)
3. Brett Metcalfe (KAW)
4. Ryan Sipes (KTM)
5. Kyle Chisholm (KAW)

MX Lites overall:

1. Ryan Villopoto (1-1)
2. Ryan Dungey (3-2)
3. Brett Metcalfe (2-3)
4. Kyle Chisholm (5-5)
5. Jake Weimer (6-9)

Motocross Class Moto 2:

When James Stewart grabbed the second moto holeshot it appeared to everyone that his unbeaten streak would stay in tact. Suzuki mounted Cody Cooper and Yamaha backed Josh Hill would chase him down to no avail as Stewart would go on to lead every moto on the weekend. Cooper held on for second and Hill would get his season best third place by the moto end. De Reuver was struggling with bike issues and wound up 34th by the moto end. Timmy Ferry finished fourth in the moto and local hero John Dowd rounded out the top 5.
John Dowd

John Dowd

Motocross Moto 2 Results:

1. James Stewart (KAW)
2. Cody Cooper (SUZ)
3. Josh Hill (YAM)
4. Tim Ferry (KAW)
5. John Dowd (SUZ)

Motocross overall:

1. James Stewart (1-1)
2. Cody Cooper (7-2)
3. Tim Ferry (4-4)
4. Andrew Short (2-9)
5. Sean Hamblin (6-6)

So for the first time in 8 years someone other than Ricky Carmichael won the overall at Southwick and isn’t it fitting that James Stewart was that man. As Carmichael’s heir sucessor Stewart is one weekend away from joining Carmichael in the record books with and undefeated season.

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