From Cycle News online:

Goodwin Grabs the Gold

ENGLISHTOWN, NJ – After the torrential rains that plagued round three of the Trapani Pit Bike Series, the racers were happy to see the sun when they showed up for round 4 on Saturday night. The series has had a strong rider presence each and every week, and the racing has been exciting in each and every class. Using the famous Raceway Park motocross track as a base, Dakota Kessler had designed a new and challenging course for each round. This week, a new double-double section was added at the back of the track, and a whoop section was added to the front section.

Local rider Barry Goodwin (167) used good starts to win all four motos he entered and to take the overall victories in both the 50cc (16 and Up) Stock and 50cc (16 and Up) Modified classes. Goodwin has been a strong supporter of the series since the beginning, and he hardly ever misses an event.

Twenty-four riders showed up to do battle in the ultracompetitive 50cc (16 and Up) Open class. KPS-sponsored Dakota Kessler used his hometrack advantage to go 1-1 for the overall victory.

The next round of the series will take place on July 22. Check out for more details.


50 (7-11) STK: 1. Eric Plackis Jr. (Hon); 2. Angelo Curro (Hon).

50 (7-11) MOD: 1. Zack Burnett (Kaw); 2. Keith Pierce; 3. Brian Rugglero; 4. Andrew Maroney (Hon); 5. Clayton Cusson (Hon).

50 YTH (7-15) DFC: 1. Jesse Pierce; 2. Damian Krause (Pit).

50 (12-15) STK: 1. Charles Burnett (Yam); 2. Christopher Duymich (Hon).

50 (12-15) MOD: 1. Timmy Vogel (Suz); 2. Jesse Pierce; 3. Damian Krause (Pit); 4. Craig Londregan (Xtr); 5. Joe Napoliello (Xtr).

50 (16+) STK: 1. Barry Goodwin (Hon); 2. Thomas Ulikowski (Hon); 3. Wilhelm Kienhofer (Hon); 4. Joshua Sheffer (Hon); 5. David Richtmeyer (Hon).

50 (16+) MOD: 1. Barry Goodwin (Hon); 2. Ben Firestone (Hon); 3. Jay Irwin (Hon); 4. Cory Walters (Hon); 5. Justin Lax (Hon).

50 (16+) OPEN: 1. Dakota Kessler (Pit); 2. Bryan Wallace (Pit); 3. Nils Tribus (BBR); 4. Joshua Sheffer (Xtr); 5. Lars Tribus (BBR).

50 (16+) DFC: 1. Dakota Kessler (Pit); 2. Bryan Wallace (Pit); 3. Lars Tribus (BBR); 4. Nils Tribus (BBR); 5. Ronald Feather (BBR).

70 MID/SZ (7-15): 1. Bobby Vogel (Suz); 2. Zack Burnett (Kaw); 3. Chris Knight (Kaw); 4. Evan Tol (Hon); 5. Patrick Cole.

70 MID/SZ (16+): 1. Ronnie Stewart (Suz); 2. Thomas Ulikowski (Hon); 3. Mark Delorenzo (Kaw); 4. Lars Tribus (BBR); 5. Morgan Holbrook (Kaw).

150 (7-15) OPEN: 1. Charles Burnett (Yam); 2. Richie Trevelise; 3. Tyler Schmidt (Hon).

150 (7-15) OPEN DFC: 1. Bobby Vogel (Suz); 2. Richie Trevelise.

150 (16+) OPEN: 1. David Farmer (BBR); 2. Danny Lee (Yam); 3. Nils Tribus (BBR); 4. Scott Kalnas (Hon); 5. Allen Thompson.

150 (16+) OPEN DFC: 1. David Farmer (BBR); 2. Nils Tribus (BBR); 3. Danny Lee (Yam); 4. Ronnie Stewart (Suz); 5. Rich Crouse (Hon).