From Cycle News Online:

Kessler Cleans Up at Englishtown Mudfest

ENGLISHTOWN, NJ – Rain once again played a part in racing at Old Bridge Township’s Raceway Park. Round five of the Trapani Racing Pit Bike Series was the victim this time. After rain early in the afternoon during the Pee Wee racing saturated the track, the staff worked hard at getting the track in tip-top shape. By the time practice began, the track was in excellent condition, and the lines were breaking in nicely. Then the rains came again – torrential, flood-causing rains. Fortunately, the delay was only about an hour or so, and due to the deteriorating track conditions, a one-moto format was decided upon, with the winner taking it all.

One of the best races of the night was in the 50cc Modified (Over 16) class. KPS rider Dakota Kessler jumped out to the early lead, with Trapani-backed Joel Dengler closing in, hot on his heels. The duo would battle for a couple of laps, but water and open-air filters don’t match, as Dengler would soon find out. Dengler’s bike started sputtering, and Kessler stretched out his lead. Barry Goodwin worked his way into second, followed by Ben Firestone in third. Dengler eventually nursed his bike home to an eighth-place finish.

Dengler would get redemption later in the evening by topping the 50cc (Over 16) Open class, ahead of fellow Trapani rider Jeff Roma and Joshua Sheffer in third.

In 50cc (Over 16) Dash For Cash, Sheffer took the win, followed by Roma and Kessler.

The next round will be held on August 26. See for more details.


50 STK+ (7-11): 1. Mitchell Reed (Hon); 2. Joey Deangelo (Hon).

50 STK+ (12-15): 1. Joseph Gluck (Hon).

50 STK+ (16+): 1. Thomas Ulikowski (Hon); 2. Michael Austin (Hon); 3. David Richtmyer (Hon); 4. Jeff Roma (Hon); 5. Joshua Sheffer (Xtr).

50 MOD/OPEN (7-11): 1. Keith Pierce; 2. Brian Ruggiero; 3. Brandon Hartranft (Hon); 4. Andrew Maroney (Hon); 5. Alex Lewis (Hon).

50 MOD/OPEN (12-15): 1. Jesse Pierce (Xtr).

50 MOD (16+): 1. Dakota Kessler (Pit); 2. Barry Goodwin; 3. Ben Firestone; 4. Scott Hricay (Hon); 5. Mike Bergholz (Hon).

50 YTH DFC (7-15): 1. Jesse Pierce (Xtr); 2. Keith Pierce.

50 DFC (16+): 1. Joshua Sheffer (Xtr); 2. Jeff Roma (Hon); 3. Dakota Kessler (Pit).

50 OPEN (16+): 1. Joel Dengler (Hon); 2. Jeff Roma (Hon); 3. Joshua Sheffer (Xtr); 4. Ben Firestone; 5. Josh Linkhart (Xtr).

MID/SZ 70-110 (7-15): 1. Jake McKenna (Hon).

MID/SZ 70-110 (16+): 1. Jared Ewart (Kaw); 2. Dan Williams (Kaw); 3. Seth Conley (Kaw); 4. Scott Kalnas (Kaw).

OPEN 150 (7-15): 1. Richie Trevelise; 2. Tyler Schmidt (Hon).

OPEN 150 (16+): 1. Nils Tribus (BBR); 2. Scott Kalnas (Kaw); 3. Rich Crouse (Hon); 4. David Farmer (BBR); 5. Anthony Laurita (Hon).

OPEN 150 YTH DFC (7-15): 1. Richie Trevelise; 2. Tyler Schmidt (Hon).

OPEN 150 DFC (16+): 1. Nils Tribus (BBR); 2. Rich Crouse (Hon).