From Cycle News online:

Cooper Barrels Through to Three!

ENGLISHTOWN, NJ – While many people were enjoying the beach or an extended holiday vacation, Old Bridge Township Raceway Park was buzzing with the sound of motocross racing. Youth Pee Wee racing is alive and well in New Jersey. Up until this season, riders younger than 6 had to race in a different state, but with a change in the minimum racing age this off season, racers as young as 4 have a new place to race. With every race of the entire series being held on Saturday mornings and afternoons, a fun family atmosphere is a top priority.

Thus far this season, Cold Springs Harbor, New York’s Justin Cooper (6) has been the dominant force. The KTM rider cleaned up on July 8, winning all six motos he entered. Cooper used his KTM to win the 50cc (7-8) Stock and 50cc (4-8) Open classes and then grabbed his Honda CRF50 and took the victory in the XR/CRF/TTR (7-8) class.

Other class winners included Garrett Beam, in the XR/CRF/TTR (4-6) class; Dave Milana, in the 50cc (4-6) Stock class; and Ricci Randanella, in the 50cc (4-6) Oil-Injected class.


50 (4-6) OIL-INJ: 1. Ricci Randanella; 2. David Milana; 3. Jacob Keane (KTM); 4. Jack Dalusio (KTM); 5. Anthony Mazziotto (KTM).

XR/CRF/TTR 50 (4-6): 1. Garrett Beam (KTM); 2. David Milana; 3. Mitchell Reed (Hon); 4. Tyler Carr (Hon); 5. Joseph Mancini.

50 (4-6) STK: 1. David Milana; 2. Ricci Randanella; 3. T.J. Wittmer; 4. Garrett Beam (KTM); 5. Gage Solis (KTM).

50 (4-8) OPEN: 1. Justin Cooper (KTM); 2. Brandon Hartranft; 3. David Milana; 4. Ricci Randanella; 5. Andrew Maroney (KTM).

50 (7-8) STK: 1. Justin Cooper (KTM); 2. Brandon Hartranft; 3. Sean Knoll (KTM); 4. Trevor Pritchard (KTM); 5. Christopher Mazzei (KTM).

XR/CRF/TTR 50 (7-8): 1. Justin Cooper (KTM); 2. Vincent Murphy; 3. Kenneth Vicari (Hon); 4. Clayton Cusson (Hon); 5. Robert Firestone (Hon).