From Cycle News online:

Reed Tops Raceway Park

ENGLISHTOWN, NJ – Raceway Park in Old Bridge Township was the site of another round of the Freehold Honda sponsored Pee-Wee MX and Youth Quad Series. The races are run on Saturday mornings, and the casual schedule makes for a great family outing. With classes for bikes and quads for riders from 4 to 8 years old, there is a class for just about any aspiring Ricky Carmichael out there.

The first XR/CRF/TTR 50 (4-6) class saw Tyler Carr grab the early lead on his CRF50, followed by Joseph Cavaliere, Devin Kusmider, Joseph Mancini, Mitchell Reed (4) and the rest of the class. Reed put on an early charge through the pack up to second place, and when Carr went down, Reed went for the pass. Reed held on for the win, followed by Cavaliere in second and Mancini in third. Carr would eventually remount and finish fifth.

The second moto again saw holeshot artist Carr grab the early lead, followed closely by Reed and the rest of the field. Reed applied the pressure and went by for the pass. He made it stick and went on for the moto win. Reed was followed across the line by Mancini and Carr. Reed took the overall (1-1), followed by Mancini (3-2) in second and Cavaliere (2-4) in third.

The XR/CRF/TTR 50 (7-8) class saw Kenneth Vicari take the overall with a 1-1 tally, followed by Clayton Cusson (3-2) in second and Trevor Pritchard (2-4) in third.

The next round of the Pee Wee series is on August 26. Check out the website at for more details.


50 OIL-INJ P/W (4-6): 1. Ricci Randanella; 2. David Milana; 3. Jack Dalusio (KTM); 4. Devin Kusmider (KTM); 5. Ethan Otani (KTM).

50 OIL-INJ P/W (7-8): 1. Zachary Bassista (Suz); 2. Robert Firestone (Hon); 3. Jake Shannon (Yam).

50 STK P/W (4-6): 1. David Milana; 2. Ricci Randanella; 3. Dawson Evitts; 4. Anthony Mazziotto (KTM).

50 STK P/W (7-8): 1. Brandon Hartranft (KTM); 2. Andrew Maroney (KTM); 3. Trevor Pritchard; 4. Sean Knoll (KTM); 5. R.J. Cook (KTM).

50 P/W OPEN (4-8): 1. Brandon Hartranft (KTM); 2. David Milana; 3. Andrew Maroney (KTM); 4. Ricci Randanella; 5. Dawson Evitts.

XR/CRF/TTR 50 P/W (4-6): 1. Mitchell Reed (Hon); 2. Joseph Mancini (Hon); 3. Joseph Cavaliere (Hon); 4. Tyler Carr (Hon); 5. Devin Kusmider (Hon).

XR/CRF/TTR 50 P/W (7-8): 1. Kenneth Vicari (Hon); 2. Clayton Cusson (Hon); 3. Trevor Pritchard; 4. Robert Firestone (Hon); 5. Christopher Austin (Yam).