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Mesler’s the Man at Raceway Park

ENGLISHTOWN, NJ – The weather has been a major player at Raceway Park all season. It seems as though it has rained every weekend that there has been a race this year. September 17 was no exception, as monsoon-type rains poured down on the Mickey Kessler-prepared track on the Friday and Saturday prior to the event. The rains forced the postponement of the pit-bike and Pee Wee series events scheduled for Saturday, in order to give Kessler time to get the track in order. Once again the track staff used the weather to their advantage, and when sunny skies appeared on Sunday, the track was in excellent condition.

In Over 40 Amateur action, Honda rider Ted Howell grabbed the holeshot and led the pack over the “Staircase” and into the back section of the track. Hot on Howell’s heels was the Honda CRF-mounted trio of Chris Suydam, Jerry Rizziello and Phil Spagnola, as well as the rest of the class. Howell was quickly dispatched from the lead when Suydam jumped by him over the “Plunge,” and Rizziello got by him coming down the next straight. At the end of the first lap, it was Suydam in the lead, followed by Spagnola in second and Jeffrey Mesler (320) in third.

Mesler got by Spagnola and set off after Suydam, but he ran out of time and was unable to catch the disappearing Suydam, who went on to win the moto, with Mesler in second and Spagnola in third.

The second moto saw Suydam and Spagnola side by side through the first turn, with the advantage going to Spagnola as the pack disappeared into the back section of the track. Mesler got by the duo and set out to run away from the pack. He did just that and left Suydam and Spagnola to battle over the runner-up position.

Meanwhile, Ken Roma was working his way through the pack, and he challenged and passed both Spagnola and Suydam and moved into second place by moto’s end. Mesler took the win, followed by Roma in second and Suydam in third.

Mesler (2-1) took the overall, followed by Suydam (1-3) in second and Roma (5-2) in third.

The next race on the schedule for Raceway Park is the 30th annual Kawasaki Team Green Race of Champions. The action begins on Friday, September 29, with pit-bike racing, and continues on Saturday and Sunday with great racing action. Check out the website at for a complete schedule.


65 (7-9): 1. Justin Cooper (KTM); 2. Robert Allen (Kaw); 3. Tyler J. Betsch (Kaw); 4. Brandon Hartranft (Kaw); 5. Matthew Mangine (Kaw).

65 (10-11): 1. Max Gomez (Yam); 2. Matthew Gahrmann (KTM); 3. Jacob Marshall (Kaw).

85 (7-11): 1. Bobby Lipyanek (KTM); 2. Jake Scott (Yam); 3. Robert Allen (Kaw); 4. Matthew Gahrmann (KTM); 5. Luke Palonicola (Kaw).

85 (12-13): 1. Frank Lettieri (Suz); 2. Mike Anderson (Kaw); 3. Christopher Duymich (Hon); 4. Jesse Pierce (Hon); 5. Talon Di Stefano (Suz).

85 (14-15): 1. Billy Allen Jr. (Suz); 2. Austin Ebberup (Kaw); 3. Larry Cella (Kaw); 4. Christopher Dasilva; 5. Damon Benefield (Kaw).

JR MINI (9-13): 1. Bobby Lipyanek (KTM); 2. Jesse Pierce (Hon); 3. Jake Scott (Yam); 4. Matt Hammer (Yam); 5. Jacob Hartranft (Kaw).

S/MINI (12-15): 1. Frank Lettieri (Suz); 2. Christopher Duymich (Hon); 3. Billy Allen Jr. (Suz); 4. Mike Anderson (Kaw); 5. Michael Schalkoff (Suz).

125 NOV: 1. Mic Sowa (Suz); 2. Austin Kozimor (Kaw); 3. Kevin M. Hudson (Yam); 4. James R. Henshaw (Yam); 5. Andrew Homick (Kaw).

125 AM: 1. Peter Devlin (Suz); 2. Dakota Kessler (Kaw); 3. Ryan Gainey (Hon); 4. Joey Peditto (Suz); 5. Erik Wilson (Kaw).

125 EX: 1. Barry Carsten (Suz); 2. Adam Blessing (Hon); 3. Taylor Murphy (Suz); 4. Greg Lurch (Yam); 5. Robert Malkiewicz (Kaw).

250 NOV: 1. Austin Kozimor (Kaw); 2. Douglas Zee (Hon); 3. John Wehrle (Yam); 4. George P. Dennis (Suz); 5. Jon Colatrella (Hon).

250 AM: 1. Ryan Gainey (Hon); 2. Dakota Kessler (Kaw); 3. Mike Tippin Jr. (Suz); 4. Peter Devlin (Suz); 5. Anthony Vitulli (Hon).

250 EX: 1. Barry Carsten (Suz); 2. Anthony Roth (Hon); 3. Adam Blessing (Hon); 4. Onorino Fascelli (Hon); 5. Richard Zupko (Yam).

WMN: 1. Nikki Stewart (Yam); 2. Virginia Roma; 3. Jennifer Singleton (Yam); 4. Emily Suydam (Hon); 5. Mackenzie Murphy (Hon).

SCHBY (12-15) 2-STRK: 1. Joey Peditto (Suz); 2. Frank Lettieri (Suz); 3. Mic Sowa (Suz); 4. Mike Anderson (Suz); 5. Damian Krause (Yam).

SCHBY (12-15) 4-STRK: 1. Kevin M. Hudson (Yam); 2. Arthur Stryker (Hon); 3. Brett Tave (KTM); 4. J.T. Milne (Hon); 5. Max Callan (Hon).

CLGBY (16-24): 1. Ryan Gainey (Hon); 2. Richard Lax (Suz); 3. Dan Callahan (Suz); 4. Greg Lurch (Yam); 5. Anthony Vitulli (Hon).

25+ AM: 1. Sean Gillies (Hon); 2. Bayo Olukotun (Hon); 3. Gregory Jaronczyk (Suz); 4. Kevin Thomasey (Hon); 5. Michael Yonkowski (Hon).

25+ EX: 1. Onorino Fascelli (Hon); 2. Richard Zupko (Yam); 3. Carl Anderson (Hon); 4. Robert Quinn (Yam); 5. Gaylon Dickson (Suz).

30+ NOV: 1. Michael Chadwick (Yam); 2. Cristiano Dutra; 3. John Bakenham (Yam); 4. John Ward (Hon); 5. John Senopole (Hon).

30+ AM: 1. Michael Yonkowski (Hon); 2. Sean Gillies (Hon); 3. Michael Lewis (Hon); 4. Ed Graham (Suz); 5. Mike Biondo (Hon).

30+ EX: 1. Barry Carsten (Suz); 2. Robert Quinn (Yam); 3. Jim Kapitan (Hon); 4. Jerry Seip (Hon); 5. Marc Tiesler (Hon).

40+ AM: 1. Jeffrey Mesler (Hon); 2. Chris Suydam (Hon); 3. Ken Roma (Hon); 4. Phil Spagnola (Hon); 5. Michael Davis (Hon).

40+ EX: 1. Jim Kapitan (Hon); 2. Jerry Seip (Hon); 3. Marc Tiesler (Hon); 4. Larry Harper (Suz); 5. Gary Gengel (Hon).