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Palmieri Pushes to Victory

ENGLISHTOWN, NJ – Track designer Mickey Kessler again had his work cut out for him heading into Sunday’s race at Old Bridge Townships’ Raceway Park. In addition to the track changes he made during the week, he was again forced to deal with Mother Nature, as rain the day and night before the race made for a sloppy morning. But with the help of Rich Zupko and the rest of the staff, the track was worked into one of the roughest and most challenging courses of the year.

MB1/FMF-sponsored Mike Biondo put his Honda out front in the first Over 25 Amateur moto by grabbing the holeshot, followed closely by Sean Gillies and Victor Palmieri (33). Palmieri got by Gillies going up the Staircase and set off after Biondo. When Biondo came up short on the Pension Road Plunge, the Dunlop/Scott/BPP-sponsored Palmieri took the lead. Gillies settled in for second, with KPS-sponsored Rich Jacobs in third. Palmieri began to stretch out his lead, as Gillies, Jacobs and Suzuki rider Ed Allen did battle for the podium spots. By the end of the moto, Palmieri had more than a 30-second lead over Gillies in second, and Allen had gotten by Jacobs for third.

When the second moto left the gate, it was again Biondo out front, followed by Gillies, Jacobs and John Stewart. First-moto winner Palmieri was a couple of places back, in around sixth. Palmieri made his move early, working his way up to third by the middle of the first lap. At the end of the first lap, it was Gillies in the lead, followed by Biondo in second and Palmieri in third.

Palmieri got by Biondo and set off after Gillies. When Palmieri got by Gillies in the back section of the track, he was set to run away. Back in third, Biondo came under attack from Motoxsupport-sponsored John Tavernese, and in the middle section of the track, Tavernese made his move past Biondo into the final podium position. Palmieri would go on for the moto and overall win with a perfect 1-1 tally. Gillies took home second overall with 2-2 finishes, and Ed Allen took the final podium position with 3-4 moto scores.

The next event at Raceway Park is a change in the original printed schedule. It has been moved to a rare Saturday event, on August 5. Check the website at for more information.


65 (7-9): 1. Justin Cooper (KTM); 2. Jacob Hartranft (Kaw); 3. Tyler Betsch (Kaw); 4. Joseph Galbraith (KTM); 5. Sean Knoll (KTM).

65 (10-11): 1. Matthew Gahrmann (KTM); 2. Richie Trevelise (Suz); 3. Randy Hernandez (KTM); 4. Macklin McQuade (Kaw).

85 (7-11): 1. Robert Piazza (Kaw); 2. Bobby Lipyanek (KTM); 3. Jacob Hartranft (Kaw); 4. Jake Scott (Yam); 5. Matthew Gahrmann (KTM).

85 (12-13): 1. Frank Lettieri (Suz); 2. Talon Distefano (Suz); 3. Damian Krause (Yam); 4. Jesse Pierce (Hon); 5. Christopher Duymich (Hon).

85 (14-15): 1. Charles Sherby Jr. (Hon); 2. Billy Allen Jr. (Suz); 3. Larry Cella (Kaw); 4. Kevin O’Laughlin (Suz); 5. Austin Ebberup (Kaw).

JR MINI (9-13): 1. Robert Piazza (Kaw); 2. Jacob Hartranft (Kaw); 3. Bobby Lipyanek (KTM); 4. Jesse Pierce (Hon); 5. Brett Cooper (Yam).

S/MINI (12-15): 1. Frank Lettieri (Suz); 2. Charles Sherby Jr. (Hon); 3. Christopher Duymich (Hon); 4. Jason Chavez; 5. Billy Allen Jr. (Suz).

125 NOV: 1. Jason Gourley (Suz); 2. Arthur Stryker (Hon); 3. Austin Kozimor (Kaw); 4. Nicholas Peccarelli (Kaw); 5. Brian Kilduff (Yam).

125 AM: 1. Ryan Gainey (Hon); 2. Dakota Kessler (Suz); 3. Peter Devlin (Suz); 4. Eric Land (Yam); 5. Sal Calamita (Hon).

125 EX: 1. Ronnie Stewart (Suz); 2. Mark Lindsay (Kaw); 3. Robert Jimenez Jr. (Kaw); 4. James McIlvaine (Hon); 5. Taylor Murphy (Suz).

250 NOV: 1. Austin Kozimor (Kaw); 2. Keith Mulrooney (KTM); 3. Gregory Jaronczyk (Yam); 4. James Moore Jr. (Hon); 5. Angelo Manerchia Jr. (Suz).

250 AM: 1. Ryan Gainey (Hon); 2. Larry Mutschler (Kaw); 3. Dakota Kessler (Kaw); 4. Mike Minnick (Hon); 5. Paul Meier (Yam).

250 EX: 1. Jason Harper (Suz); 2. Ronnie Stewart (Suz); 3. Mark Lindsay (Kaw); 4. Brian Smith (KTM); 5. Robert Malkiewicz (Kaw).

WMN: 1. Virginia Roma; 2. Jennifer Singleton (Yam); 3. Meaghan Metz (Yam); 4. Tammy Longacre (Yam).

SCHBY (12-15) 2-STRK: 1. Frank Lettieri (Suz); 2. Sal Calamita (Hon); 3. Brett Tave (KTM); 4. Angelo Manerchia Jr. (Suz); 5. Damian Krause (Yam).

SCHBY (12-15) 4-STRK: 1. Eric Land (Yam); 2. Arthur Stryker (Hon); 3. Max Callan (Hon); 4. Louis Davis (Yam); 5. Joseph Gluck (Hon).

CLGBY (16-24): 1. Keith Santora (Hon); 2. James Mushalla (Yam); 3. Chris Fredericks (Kaw); 4. Larry Mutschler (Kaw); 5. Mike Minnick (Hon).

25+ AM: 1. Victor Palmieri (Hon); 2. Sean Gillies (Hon); 3. Ed Allen (Suz); 4. John Tavernese (Yam); 5. Roy Mwangi (Hon).

25+ EX: 1. Jason Harper (Suz); 2. James McIlvaine (Hon); 3. Curt Beloy (Hon); 4. Robert Quinn (Yam); 5. Jerry Seip (Hon).

30+ NOV: 1. Jochy Gomez (Suz); 2. Peter Purcelly (Yam); 3. Lou Davis (Yam); 4. Harry Moore (Hon).

30+ AM: 1. Sean Gillies (Hon); 2. John Tavernese (Yam); 3. Victor Palmieri (Hon); 4. Roy Mwangi (Hon); 5. Robert Moore (Hon).

30+ EX: 1. Richard Zupko (Yam); 2. James McIlvaine (Hon); 3. Brian Smith (KTM); 4. Jerry Seip (Hon); 5. Robert Quinn (Yam).

40+ AM: 1. Jeffrey Mesler (Hon); 2. Karl Baumann (Hon); 3. John Stewart (Hon); 4. Jerry Rizziello Jr. (Hon); 5. Ken Roma (Hon).

40+ EX: 1. Jerry Seip (Hon); 2. Larry Harper (Suz); 3. Marc Tiesler (Hon); 4. Harold Glissen (Yam); 5. Ken Bordzuk (Hon).