From Cycle News Online:

Kessler Wheelies to Victory

ENGLISHTOWN, NJ – While the Supercross championship was being decided across the country in Las Vegas, the first round of the Trapani Pit Bike Racing Series got underway at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park. Although the originally scheduled first round was canceled due to rain a couple of weeks earlier, May 6 was one of those great spring evenings with temperatures in the low 60s. The event got started just before sunset and continued under the lights on the world-famous Raceway Park motocross track.

Taking home the lion’s share of class victories was KPS/Dragon Google-sponsored Dakota Kessler. In addition to designing and watering the track, Kessler scored two class victories and won two Dash For Cash events. Kessler won seven of the eight motos he entered, winning in dominating fashion. The local rider won both motos in the Over 16 50cc Open and both motos in the Over 16 Open 150cc class, as well as the Over 16 50cc and Over 16 150cc Dashes For Cash.

Kessler’s only loss of the night was to another KPS/Dragon Goggles-sponsored rider, Joel Dengler. In Over 16 50cc Modified racing, Dengler and Kessler split moto wins, with Dengler taking the overall with 2-1 moto scores.

Round two is scheduled for May 27.


50 STK/MOD/OPEN (7-11): 1. Alex Lewis (Hon); 2. Brian Ruggiero; 3. Zack Burnett (Hon); 4. Alex West (Hon); 5. Clayton Cusson (Hon).

50 MOD/OPEN (12-15): 1. Bryan Wallace (Hon); 2. Drew Ferraro (Xtr); 3. Timmy Vogel (Xtr); 4. Craig Londregan (Xtr); 5. Joey Lane.

50+ STK+ (12-15): 1. Taylor Chausky (Hon); 2. Matt Burnett; 3. Christopher Duymich (Hon); 4. John Gray (Xtr).

50 YTH DFC (7-15): 1. Bryan Wallace (Hon); 2. Taylor Chausky (Hon); 3. Clayton Cusson (Hon).

50 STK+ (16+): 1. Thomas Ulikowski (Hon); 2. Jeff Roma; 3. John Burlew (Hon); 4. Barry Goodwin (Suz); 5. Eric Jennings (Xtr).

50 MOD (16+): 1. Joel Dengler (Xtr); 2. Dakota Kessler (Psr); 3. Barry Goodwin (Suz); 4. Thomas Ulikowski (Hon); 5. Frank Burger (Hon).

50 OPEN (16+): 1. Dakota Kessler (Psr); 2. Jeff Roma; 3. Joel Dengler (Xtr); 4. Gerry Scaletti (Xtr); 5. Dave Thiery (Xtr).

50 DFC (16+): 1. Dakota Kessler (Psr); 2. Joel Dengler (Xtr); 3. Jeff Roma; 4. Chris Hutchison (Hon); 5. Thomas Ulikowski (Hon).

MID/SZ 70-110 (7-15): 1. Nicholas McPhee (Suz); 2. Zack Burnett (Hon); 3. Jake McKenna (Hon).

MID/SZ 70-110 (16+): 1. Scott Kalnas (Kaw); 2. Morgan Holbrook (Kaw); 3. Dan Williams (Kaw); 4. Brandon Goetz (Kaw); 5. Bob Cusson (Kaw).

OPEN 150 (7-15): 1. Matt Burnett; 2. Jesse Amato (Hon); 3. Tyler Schmidt (Hon); 4. Richie Trevelise (Hon).

OPEN 150 (16+): 1. Dakota Kessler (Psr); 2. David Farmer (BBR); 3. Michael Burnett (Hon); 4. Rich Crouse (Hon); 5. Brian Frick (Hon).

OPEN 150 DFC (16+): 1. Dakota Kessler (Psr); 2. David Farmer (BBR); 3. Michael Burnett (Hon); 4. Anthony Laurita; 5. Dan Williams (Kaw).