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Osborne Unstoppable in Englishtown!

ENGLISHTOWN, NJ – Memorial Day Weekend is usually spent at parades, family picnics or the beach, kicking off the summer. But less than 20 miles from the sands of the Jersey Shore, more than 400 racers spent their Memorial Day Sunday doing what they love: racing motocross at Raceway Park. Along with the help of his track crew, Mickey Kessler spent the days leading up to Sunday’s race moving tons of dirt to create challenging new obstacles for the racers to conquer.

Shift/Serious Racewear-sponsored Chris Osborne (129) was making his first appearance at Raceway Park. The Honda rider had made the trip up from Charlotte, North Carolina, with a former local racer, Shawn Ulikowski, to give the Raceway Park riders a run for their money.

The first 250cc Expert moto saw Osborne grab the holeshot, ahead of Steven Hunter and RRP/MSR-backed Ronnie Stewart. Freehold Honda/Trapani-backed Joel Dengler joined the action and was quickly on Stewart’s rear tire. Dengler got by Stewart in the bowl turn in the back of the track and set off after Osborne. That pursuit was to no avail, as Osborne took the moto win, followed by Dengler and Stewart in third.

In the second moto, Osborne again grabbed the early lead, only to be hounded again by Dengler. This time, Mount Holly Suzuki-backed Jason Harper joined the chase. Harper, who was making his return after an early-season injury, chased the Honda-mounted duo but couldn’t catch them and had to settle for third. Osborne (1-1) took the overall, Dengler (2-2) was second, and Harper (5-3) was third.

In 125cc action, Osborne again grabbed the holeshot, ahead of Stewart and Wheels Motorsports Honda rider Jimmy McIlvaine. Stewart and Osborne set off to do battle, and they were all over each other for the lead, with Stewart grabbing the early advantage. Osborne, who was riding a borrowed bike, tried to get Stewart back, but to no avail: Stewart went on to take the win. Osborne was second, and Taylor Murphy grabbed third.

When the gate dropped for the second moto, it was again Stewart and Osborne side by side. This time Osborne grabbed the early advantage and tried to check out on the field. Stewart tried to keep him in sight, but when he went down and couldn’t restart the four-stroke, Osborne took advantage and ran away from the field. McIlvaine followed Osborne for second. Dragon/Amphibian-sponsored Bobby Jimenez worked his way up to third after a poor start. Osborne (2-1) was the overall winner, McIlvaine (5-2) was second, and Jimenez (4-3) was third.

Osborne plans on making a return to Raceway Park for the 30th annual Kawasaki Race of Champions this fall. He’s hoping to give the guys in green a challenge for their money.


65 (7-9): 1. Jacob Hartranft (Kaw); 2. Brandon Hartranft (Kaw); 3. Tyler Betsch (Suz); 4. Andrew Maroney (Kaw); 5. Matthew Mangine (Kaw).

65 (10-11): 1. Rowland Papp (Kaw); 2. Angelo Curro (KTM); 3. Brian Laul Jr. (KTM); 4. Richie Trevelise (Suz); 5. Jacob Marshall (Kaw).

85 (7-11): 1. Rowland Papp (Kaw); 2. Jake Scott (Yam); 3. Jacob Hartranft (Kaw); 4. Tyler Betsch (Suz); 5. Richie Trevelise (Suz).

85 (12-13): 1. Larry McVay (Hon); 2. Christopher Duymich (Hon); 3. Austin Harvey (Kaw); 4. Damian Krause (Yam); 5. Morgan Gustray (Suz).

85 (14-15): 1. Billy Allen Jr. (Suz); 2. Larry Cella (Kaw); 3. Charles Saporito (Hon); 4. Zachary Reinson (Kaw); 5. Daniel South (Kaw).

JR MINI (9-13): 1. Rowland Papp (Kaw); 2. Damian Krause (Yam); 3. Christopher Duymich (Hon); 4. Jake Scott (Yam); 5. Jacob Hartranft (Kaw).

S/MINI (12-15): 1. Larry McVay (Hon); 2. Austin Harvey (Kaw); 3. Morgan Gustray (Suz); 4. Billy Allen Jr. (Suz); 5. Charles Saporito (Hon).

125 NOV: 1. Michael Voorhees (Yam); 2. Carl Carmella (Kaw); 3. Mike Lacerenza (Kaw); 4. Jason Gourley (Suz); 5. Ed Molfetta (Yam).

125 AM: 1. Ryan Gainey (Hon); 2. Dakota Kessler (Kaw); 3. Mike Tippin Jr. (Suz); 4. Peter Devlin (Suz); 5. Sal Calamita (Hon).

125 EX: 1. Chris Osborne (Hon); 2. James McIlvaine (Hon); 3. Robert Jimenez Jr. (Kaw); 4. Robert Malkiewicz (Kaw); 5. Ronnie Stewart (Hon).

250 NOV: 1. Michael Voorhees (Yam); 2. Gregory Jaronczyk (Suz); 3. George Dennis (Suz); 4. Brett Tave (KTM); 5. Greg Ziola (Hon).

250 AM: 1. Peter Devlin (Suz); 2. Ryan Gainey (Hon); 3. Mike Tippin Jr. (Suz); 4. Bryan Wallace; 5. Evan Forosisky (Kaw).

250 EX: 1. Chris Osborne (Hon); 2. Joel Dengler (Hon); 3. Jason Harper (Suz); 4. Anthony Roth (Hon); 5. Richard Zupko (Yam).

WMN: 1. Nikki Stewart (Yam); 2. Meaghan Metz (Yam); 3. Virginia Roma; 4. Emily Suydam (Hon); 5. Tammy Longacre (Hon).

SCHBY (12-15) 2-STRK: 1. Sal Calamita (Hon); 2. Larry McVay (Hon); 3. Damian Krause (Yam); 4. Brett Tave (KTM); 5. Donald Ayers (Hon).

SCHBY (12-15) 4-STRK: 1. Mike Lacerenza (Kaw); 2. Kevin Hudson (Yam); 3. Arthur Stryker (Hon); 4. Phillip Mackay (Hon); 5. Nick Costadura (Yam).

CLGBY (16-24): 1. Nick Lacerenza (Kaw); 2. Dave Ginolfi (Kaw); 3. Brian Mackay (Hon); 4. Ronald Venza (Kaw); 5. Joseph Chmielewski (Yam).

25+ AM: 1. Kevin Thomasey (Hon); 2. Sean Gillies (Hon); 3. John Bossany (Suz); 4. Ed Graham (Suz); 5. John Tavernese (Yam).

25+ EX: 1. Jason Harper (Suz); 2. Joel Dengler (Hon); 3. Robert Quinn (Yam); 4. Richard Zupko (Yam); 5. Darren Edsall (Kaw).

30+ NOV: 1. Cristian Dutra; 2. Guilhern Abrao; 3. Peter Purcelly (Yam); 4. Geraldo Santos (Yam); 5. Antonio Calvo (Kaw).

30+ AM: 1. Jude Harper (Yam); 2. John Bossany (Suz); 3. Michael Lewis (Hon); 4. Bradley Sink (Yam); 5. Ed Graham (Suz).

30+ EX: 1. Joel Dengler (Hon); 2. Richard Zupko (Yam); 3. Darren Edsall (Kaw); 4. Brian Smith (KTM); 5. James McIlvaine (Hon).

40+ AM: 1. Richard Schuler; 2. Jerry Rizzielo Jr. (Hon); 3. Chris Suydam (Hon); 4. Karl Baumann (Hon); 5. Ted Howell (Hon).

40+ EX: 1. Jerry Seip (Hon); 2. Larry Harper (Suz); 3. Ken Blackwell (Hon); 4. Jim Kapitan (Hon); 5. Marc Tiesler (Hon).