From Cycle News Online:

Kusmider Cleans Up!

ENGLISHTOWN, NJ – For the first time in the history of motocross racing in the state of New Jersey, the youngest motocrossers have been allowed to race. For many years, the minimum age requirement was 7 years old, but after petitioning the state for the past year to allow younger racers, Rich Schmidt and the staff of Raceway Park were allowed to hold their first Pee Wee motocross series event for racers as young as 4 years old.

Opening day for the series was held under rainy skies. The series features seven different classes for the nearly 50 riders who came out and braved the sloppy conditions. The series, sponsored by local Honda dealer Freehold Honda, consists of six rounds, with a brand-new CRF50 going to one lucky participant at the end of the series. In addition to the seven bike classes, there are also three different quad classes for Youth participants.

The track, which was a shortened version of the famous Mickey Kessler-prepared racetrack, was wet in the morning and continued to get worse throughout the day. Due to the worsening conditions, it was decided to run only one moto in each class.

Devin Kusmider (86) and Dean Marinis were the big winners of the day. Kusmider finished in second place in the XR/CRF/TTR 50cc (4-6) class and first in the 50cc Oil-Injected (4-6) class. Marinis was second in the 50cc Stock (7-8) class and first in the Open (4-8) class.

In the end, a fun day of racing was had by all, and the great sport of motocross has been introduced to another generation. Stop by for the next round of racing on Saturday, May 27.


50 OIL-INJ (4-6): 1. Devin Kusmider (KTM); 2. Jack Dalusio (KTM); 3. Ryan Yost (KTM).

50 STK (4-6): 1. James Walsh.

XR/CRF/TTR 50 (4-6): 1. Joseph Cavaliere (Hon); 2. Devin Kusmider (Hon); 3. Tyler Carr (Hon).

50 OIL-INJ (7-8): 1. Erik Apgar (KTM); 2. Zachary Bassista (Suz).

50 STK (7-8): 1. Brandon Hartranft (KTM); 2. Dean Marinis (KTM); 3. Tim Gleason (KTM); 4. Sean Knoll (KTM); 5. Erik Apgar (KTM).

XR/CRF/TTR 50 (7-8): 1. Robert Firestone (Hon); 2. Christopher Austin (Yam); 3. Kenneth Vicari (Hon).

OPEN 50 (4-8): 1. Dean Marinis (KTM); 2. Ryan Yost (Suz); 3. Jack Dalusio (KTM); 4. Tim Gleason (KTM).