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Zupko Wins One for Dad

ENGLISHTOWN, NJ   For many, above all, the family is the most important thing in life. There is the biological family, and then there are those friends who are close enough to be considered family. The motocross community is viewed by many to be that type of family. We are a tight-knit group of people always ready to reach out and help one of our own. At no time is this more evident than when death suddenly takes one of our families.

On March 17, the motocross community lost a great man when Richard Zupko Sr. passed away. Mr. Zupko died suddenly of a heart attack, to the shock of his family and friends. Mr. Zupko was a great supporter of motocross racing in New Jersey and, along with his son Richie, ran Powerline Motocross Park back in the 1990s. He was always there with a smile and a kind word. Mr. Zupko will be greatly missed.

When it came time to pay respect to a lost friend, the line stretched out of the funeral parlor and around the block, with many waiting for several hours to get in and say their final goodbyes.

Zupko’s son Richie Zupko (413) has been a successful racer during his motocross career, but the most emotional win of his life came on Sunday, March 25, in the Over 30 Expert class. The first moto saw Richie fighting a great battle with Kawasaki rider Darren Edsall and Honda pilot Jerry Seip. Richie would eventually settle into the lead and go on to take the victory.

During halftime, in between motos, the Raceway Park family took the opportunity to say goodbye to Mr. Zupko. A lap of honor took place, in which all the riders and staff lined up on the starting gate and rode around the track in single file. Each rider paid a $10 entry fee, with all of the money going to the American Heart Association, in Mr. Zupko’s name. At one point, the line stretched almost all the way around the racetrack. It was a fitting way to say goodbye.

When Richie took the holeshot at the start of the second Over 30 Expert moto, everyone knew it would be his for the taking. Despite attempts by Seip and Edsall to keep him in sight, the moto win and overall victory would be Richie’s. With family and close friends nearby, celebrating his victory, Richie was clearly very emotional after winning that one for his dad.

Godspeed, Rich Zupko Sr.


65 (7-9): 1. Justin Cooper (KTM); 2. Brandon Hartranft (Kaw); 3. John Sheaffer (KTM); 4. Sean Knoll (KTM); 5. Schae Thomas (KTM).

65 (10-11): 1. Kevin Tompkins (KTM); 2. Austin Littler (KTM); 3. Michael Pettit (KTM); 4. Joseph Galbraith (KTM); 5. Daniel Dillin (KTM).

85 (7-11): 1. Jacob Hartranft (Yam); 2. Luke Palonicola (Kaw); 3. Anthony Maimone (Hon); 4. Justin Cooper (KTM); 5. Angelo Curro (KTM).

85 (12-13): 1. Luke Renzland (Kaw); 2. Ryan Zaveral (Hon); 3. Jake Scott (Yam); 4. Matthew Gahrmann (Kaw); 5. Robert Marshall Jr. (Kaw).

85 (14-15): 1. Christopher Duymich (Hon); 2. Christopher Dasilva (Kaw); 3. Kyle Hill (Suz); 4. Allan Schaeffer (Suz); 5. Anthony Faccone (Hon).

JR MINI (9-13): 1. Jacob Hartranft (Yam); 2. Ryan Zaveral (Hon); 3. Jake Scott (Yam); 4. Robert Piazza (Kaw); 5. Luke Palonicola (Kaw).

S/MINI (12-15): 1. Joey Peters (Kaw); 2. Luke Renzland (Kaw); 3. Jesse Pierce (Suz); 4. Robert Marshall Jr. (Kaw); 5. Max Gomez (Yam).

125 NOV: 1. Andrew Homick (Suz); 2. Austin Harvey (Kaw); 3. Brian Kilduff (Yam); 4. Thomas Sherby (Hon); 5. Tyler Killeen (Hon).

125 AM: 1. Nicholas McPhee (Suz); 2. Vincent Veneziale (Hon); 3. John Burlew (Hon); 4. Brian Mackay (Hon); 5. Mike Lacerenza (Kaw).

125 EX: 1. Jason Lawrence (Yam); 2. Chris Osborne (Kaw); 3. Ryan Gainey (KTM); 4. Dakota Kessler (Suz); 5. Bryan Wallace.

250 NOV: 1. Charlie Miller (Yam); 2. Michael Moore (Yam); 3. Kenny Rodgers (Kaw); 4. Andrew Flood (Kaw); 5. Nick Costadura (Hon).

250 AM: 1. Mike Emick (Yam); 2. Daniel Fodor (Suz); 3. Arthur Stryker (Hon); 4. Evan Forosisky (Kaw); 5. Michael Voorhees (Hon).

250 EX: 1. Jason Lawrence (Yam); 2. Bill Ainsworth (Kaw); 3. Onorino Fascelli (Hon); 4. Jason Harper (Suz); 5. Darren Edsall (Kaw).

OPEN 4-STRK: 1. Frank Lettieri (Suz); 2. Charles Sherby Jr. (Hon); 3. Kody Renzland (Kaw); 4. Daniel Grimm (Yam); 5. Andrew Homick (Suz).

WMN: 1. Nikki Stewart (Yam); 2. Rachel Engdahl (Suz); 3. Michelle Kastle (Yam); 4. Jessica Smith (Yam); 5. Virginia Roma.

SCHBY (12-15) 2-STRK: 1. Frank Lettieri (Suz); 2. Charles Sherby Jr. (Hon); 3. Mike Lacerenza (Kaw); 4. Larry McVay (Yam); 5. Michael Mackeprang (Suz).

CLGBY (16-24): 1. Daniel Bogdan (Yam); 2. James Mushalla (Yam); 3. Jeremy Weniger (Hon); 4. Jack Sayegh (Suz); 5. Brian Kilduff (Yam).

25+ AM: 1. Jonathan Bronne (Hon); 2. Nathan Reiss (Yam); 3. John Ward (Hon); 4. Gregory Jaronczyk (Suz); 5. Ed Graham (Suz).

25+ EX: 1. Jason Harper (Suz); 2. Richard Zupko (Yam); 3. Darren Edsall (Kaw); 4. Christopher Chomko (Hon); 5. Brian Smith (Yam).

30+ NOV: 1. Jose Romero (Hon); 2. Lawrence McVay (Hon); 3. Greg Luisi (KTM); 4. Aparecido Silva (Kaw); 5. John Senopole (Hon).

30+ AM: 1. John Ward (Hon); 2. Ed Graham (Suz); 3. Daniel Jones (Hon); 4. Mike Biondo (Hon); 5. Marc Ondy (Hon).

30+ EX: 1. Richard Zupko (Yam); 2. Darren Edsall (Kaw); 3. Jerry Seip (Hon); 4. Brian Smith (Yam); 5. James McIlvaine (Hon).

40+ AM: 1. Stanley Poulsen (Hon); 2. John Stewart (Suz); 3. Ken Roma (Hon); 4. Chris Biringer (Hon); 5. Angelo Mancrichia (Suz).

40+ EX: 1. Jerry Seip (Hon); 2. James McIlvaine (Hon); 3. Marc Tiesler (Hon); 4. Rick Rosseter (Yam); 5. Alan O’Brien (Yam).