Frankie Lettieri

Tell us a little about yourself.  My name’s Frankie Lettieri I’m 16 years old from Brick, New Jersey and I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was 4 years old.

You started 2007 on minis and finished up on the big bikes. Was that the plan coming in or did you just get too big for the minis? Well, I wanted to move onto big bikes because I felt that the 85’s were doing nothing but hold me back. I got a little big for them but still managed to win on them and do good at nationals,  but I felt it was time for big bikes.

You won a couple of National Championships at Ponca City last summer and finished well at Loretta Lynn’s as well, did you expect to do so well coming into the season? 2007 started off at Lake Whitney and I was nervous, it was my first national on big bikes so I didn’t exactly know what to expect. At Whitney I kind of choked up, got nervous, arm pump, the whole 9 yards and then at Oak Hill I just came out swinging I guess. I ripped a lot of good starts, few holeshots, won motos,  top 3 qualifiers and it was good. When the mains came around I got a 1st a 2nd, a 6th, an 8th, and a 10th so I was super pumped after that. When I went back to Jersey I knew for sure I had to train and get ready for Loretta’s.

What type of training and practice program do you have? My training program is nothing gnarley. I wake up at 8:00 everyday go riding until 1, come home eat lunch, go to the gym for 2 hours and just hang out with some buddies after I get all the work out stuff done.

Suzuki stepped up this season to help out more with your program. How did that come about? Suzuki definitely stepped up my program this year for sure! I’ve always got help from them throughout 80s but they stepped it up big time this year. I was always on what they called the “C” team which is dealer support, Cole Gress the American Suzuki rep told me that I have to be consistent,  so I came out to Ponca and showed him I could do it. I got a 4th in schoolboy and 2 championships then went into Loretta’s and got a top 10 every moto except 1 and then we talked and talked and talked and next thing you know I have a contract and everything is starting to brighten up.

What is it like to be one of the next big guys for Suzuki? Is that a lot of pressure on you for this season? Ya know to be on Suzuki to me it takes off the pressure. I know I have good support behind me and the best bikes I could ask for.

How do you fit the travel into your everyday life? Well, I used to go to school but this year I traveled a whole lot more so my parents worked out something with my school. I can miss how many days I need for riding as long as I make up the work when I get back. ( haha which probably won’t happen anyway) still, it’s awesome for me because I get to live my dream! I train and ride every single day I couldn’t ask for more.

Plans for 2008? For 2008 I’m going to all the big nationals and just doing the best I can. I know if I ride the way I know how to ride that I’ll do good and come up with good results

Who are some of your sponsors? I have to thank my mom and dad and my mechanic, I definitely couldn’t do anything without them. Cole Gress at American Suzuki & Mt Holly Suzuki, Thor, Parts Unlimited, Kessler Pro Suspension, Scott, Pirelli, One Industries, MGX, Alpinestars, Moto Masters, Ogio, Rockstar Energy, Bel-Ray, FMF, Pro Taper, Playground/Pickel, Lukaitis Photos, Ready Filters, E Fitness Academy, Wiseco, CTi2, Cometic, DC, Acerbis

Any closing words? Everyone that’s behind me I can’t do it without them!!!!!!